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Why Dentists need a YouTube Channel

If you haven’t already, it’s time to set up a YouTube channel for your dental practice. You need a Google account to get started. Once you have your account set up, you can start adding videos right away. It may take a few weeks to get it verified before you can activate it.

1. Make videos yourself and your team answering frequent questions and FAQ’s that you get regularly.

All you need to get started making your own videos is a cell phone and a $20 tripod that you can get on amazon. I use Fiverr for a quick $5 editing hack. Feel free to buzz me and I can send you the links of the equipment and team I use.

2. Ask patients to share videos
Patient videos and testimonials are another great type of video to add to your YouTube channel. You can ask patients to send in video testimonials, for example, where patients talk about a treatment they received at your practice or why they like you as a dentist.
Patient videos are another great type of video to add to your YouTube channel.

3. “How-to” videos
This is a very popular type of video people like to watch on YouTube. You can do how-to videos for any type of dental-related topic, even something really basic like brushing or flossing or home care for various procedures.

4. Answering patient questions
This is a simple video where you just talk to the camera for a couple minutes to answer your most popular questions and concerns from patients.

YouTube videos will help any dentist build a following to expand their online marketing reach. This type of content is also great to share on other social media networks and can be posted to your website as well. Videos will also help your SEO

StraightSmile Solutions® is a web-based, orthodontic consulting service that supports general and pediatric dentists, dental labs and the dental industry. We can support you to launch de-novo orthodontic operations or scale your existing orthodontic operations. Our team supports you with every aspect of the process: case selection, team training, operations, case support and treatment plans.

Most of our doctors who fully utilize the support with the Concierge Plan or VIP Plans, scale their cases 200-500% in just 6 months. This can bring an extra six-figures in revenue.

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Is our Dental Profession’s Passive Attitude Towards the Corona-Closure Justifying the SDC Business Model?

“Yes Ma’am Can I Have Another?

Passive Dentist Professional’s Attitude Towards COVID-Closure

The Impact of Coronavirus on Dentists

The novel coronavirus has infected millions of people across the globe and this pandemic has left all dentistry practice around the world go for a toss.

Only a few states have allowed dental offices to be kept open due to the social distancing limitations and rest all are shutdown. However, the dental association is just accepting this fate and not advocating their businesses or is bothered about their patients.

Supporting the SDC Model

The SDC business model is a model where a patient can make a bite cast or impression of his teeth at home or in SDC’s retail locations. This cast is then used by a professional to start a treatment plan.

However, in Georgia and Alabama, this was opposed by the dental association and state boards of dentistry. They all claimed that such casts should not be made at home and a licensed professional needs to be monitoring the activity. So the point here is, Virtual Treatments and work from home attitude are like justifying and supporting this unethical SDC/Candid business model.

Why are other departments still open for business?

Though most of the orthodontic doctors are shut for business a lot of other businesses are up and running. Who gets to decide the definition of “essential workers?” Chiropractors, physicians, and other health care departments are all allowed to work. Pharmaceutical companies, blood banks, community health workers are all up and running. Some financial services and IT departments are also running. In fact in Georgia people can book a salon treatment but cannot get their cavity filled?

What are the problems related to Virtual Dentistry?

There are multiple problems of doing blind virtual treatments based on guesswork. Kids, women, old patients cannot be just be checked visually through a skype or video call. We need to have Xrays and proper clinical examinations to not damage any teeth or cause any other health issues.

Months of treatment without proper checkup is unethical and can cause severe damage to the patients.

What should we do about this?

Dental professionals must start advocating proper practice and fight this virtual work culture. If that is not done then lawsuits from patients claiming patient abandonment and bad treatments may get filed. It is important to share this blog and reach out to your governor, dentist associations, and president.




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A Dentist’s Guide- Post Covid Restart

This is Dr. Amanda and I work with StraightSmile Solutions. Today, I want to discuss how dentists can stand together and deal with the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus).
Eventually, it will all calm down and you will see your self after a few years telling this story to your kids and grandkids.
Since the pandemic has left our dentist practice across the globe go for a toss, let me give you some personal tips on how we can go about it wisely and steadily.
• Screening your patients for symptoms before the checkup
A few of the basic symptoms of COVID-19 are runny nose, fever, cough or difficulty breathing. You should not allow your staff or patients with such symptoms to come into your office without testing. It is important to put a sign up on your front door or your reception desk to let patients know that they will be subject to this screening process.
• Be Accommodating of your Cancellation Policy
Although some people might take advantage, however, do not be strict about your 24-hour no-cancellation policy. You may get people with a request for last-minute appointments, so it will all balance out.
• Schedule a Waitlist for Patients
This trick will help you keep your schedule filled. You can move your patients based on your waitlist. You can look accommodating to your patients if you move them up when someone is sick or has canceled. You can also request some to wait in cases of emergency. People appreciate honesty and are generally very understanding at such times.
“Hello, this is [name] calling from Dr. [name]’s office. May I speak with [name] please” “Hello, [name]. How is the family doing with the new turn of events Is everyone doing ok”
“Dr. [name] asked me to reach for your convenience because he/she noticed that we do not have a future appointment setup for [patient name]. With the current events, we know that summer is going to be crazy busy for us after this dies down and wanted to go ahead and get you scheduled for an appointment to save you a slot. Do you have a moment to get that scheduled now”
• Always Be Available on Phone or Email
In such times you must be available for your patients on phone, email or text. Be prompt on answering phone calls and replying to emails and chats.
You can have chances of new patients calling you and old patients wanting advice. If you have a VOIP provider, quickly learn how to download the app and answer calls from your cell phone or computer.
If you have a landline, have one staff member attend and take appointments for all calls during open hours. If that is not possible let them attend calls from home.
• Online Consultations
I suggest that you completely enhance your virtual and social media presence. You can do ortho and online consultations for patients.
Patients only need to come to the clinic for scans and get your treatment virtually.
• Make use of Social Media Marketing
Social Media is a great way to market yourself. Send emails and virtual newsletters to existing patients to be in touch.

• Facebook and Instagram
Facebook and Instagram are also a great place to start. You can also hire a freelance digital marketing person to develop dentistry content. You can ask your patients to sign a social media release and blog about their experience.
• Content Schedulers
You can use content schedulers like Hoot suite and Buffer to load your content and schedule it every week or two.
• YouTube
You can start your own YouTube Videos as a doctor and share your expertise. With YouTube and social media, you will have a wider audience and become a more trusted doctor.
You can also use a freelance website service like Fiverr where it will cost you as little as $5 to hire someone to edit your video and even add nice touches like logos or watermarks to it. Hold office hours for patients to have discussions like in college. Your professors had office hours, and you could go in and pick their brains.
• Zoom Platform
Zoom is an intuitive platform that allows you to hold a video conference with your new patient.
You can integrate this with Calendly to automatically send the patient a link to a custom Zoom meeting for their appointment.
• Calendly
You can use an app called Calendly, for patients to have a quick 10-minute conversation by meeting over Skype. Calendly is an online scheduling platform that allows patients to book their appointments in specifically assigned available time slots.
• DocuSign
You must get contracts signed immediately, the same way you would do a same-day start. DocuSign allows you to send a contract to the patient for them to complete digitally.
● Work from Home for your Staff
Occupy your staff with social media marketing. It is not advisable to cut their hours or salaries so they might as well put their time to good use. Let them put posts on social media and market your clinic and practice.
Virtual Treatments by Straightsmile Solutions
We at StraightSmile Solutions help to support dentists to provide virtual consults. All you have to do is as follows.
● Ask someone to take a series of 8 photos of you using a smartphone or digicam.
● Submit all 8 photos of you using the form given to you and list your concerns.
● Someone from our team will assess your photos during the virtual appointment.
● You need to perform these steps 48 hours before the appointment for proper reviewal.
I hope that my tips on how to jump-start your practice as a dentist are useful to you. I will also be glad to get in touch with you if you want to contact me. You can visit my website at, and I will be more than happy to help you.

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How to Manage Your Ortho Patients in Covidland

1) Keep IN TOUCH with patients.

2) Keep the MORALE UP of our patients.

3) Keep their TREATMENT GOING as much as possible.

But most importantly:

4) Show the community/patients/parents that you are actively engaged in their wellbeing and that of their families.

5) Initiate virtual consultations. Consider sending out white-label “kits” like Smile Concierge Club to get patients started on Phase 1, Aligners and IDB. Phase 1 and Aligners could be mailed to existing patients of record who have already had an exam and x-rays.

6) Switch routing ortho adjustment appointments to virtual. One employee can manage a day’s worth of virtual patients. See my previous YouTube videos and blogs on the subject.

7) Create instructional videos for your YouTube channel. If you can’t film live ones, you can (as a doctor) go over what to expect for now.

Video 1: New Patient (Kid)

Video 2: New Patient (Adult)

Video 3: Bonding/Scan/Start

Video 4: Braces Adjustment (Kid)

Video 5: Braces Adjustment (Adult)

Video 6: Invisalign/White Label Aligner Adjustment

Video 7: Observation I (Kid on Recall Waiting for Comprehensive)

Video 8: Observation II (Kid on Recall Waiting for Phase 2)

Video 9: Retainer Check (Kid)

Video 10: Retainer Check (Adult)

Video 11: Phase 1 Appliance Adjustment

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Invisalign Tricks and Tips During Corona Shutdown

Gmail – Fwd_ Replacement aligners available to provide continuity of care

Doctors who have active Invisalign cases right now while in Corona-Shutdown are having to be creative to manage their patients. Click on the link above to see the official statements from Align Technology.


The StraightSmile Solutions team has dozens of additional suggestions. We are glad to talk to doctors individually to assess your situation and give feedback.

Visit to schedule a call today.

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Coronavirus and Dentistry- Long Term Solutions

This coronavirus pandemic is clearly disrupting the dental industry. Patients and dental professionals alike are all suffering. Although it seems easier to hide, there are actionable steps that we can take to keep our businesses thriving despite being closed.
As the CEO of StraightSmile Solutions®, I have a 30,000-mile, birds-eye view of what dentists around the world are doing to survive. Sure, most are being over-compliant and burrowing in their rabbit dens, trying to do “their part to flatten the curve.”
Don’t get me wrong. I madly respect that, but remember that you also have dependents who are often hourly wage-earners and who are suffering right now. Now is the time to be more innovative and think outside the box.
Trust me, I am hurting too. I’ve temporarily lost over 50% of my clients to this slowdown. Instead of chilling and watching Netflix, I’ve chosen to help my fellow dentists with complimentary support.
I am not telling you to break the law or harm yourselves or others. Quite the contrary. My suggestions are clearly explained in the dozens of videos I’ve been publishing and posting on my YouTube channel, I also have a PDF of suggestions that I can email to you if you contact me here.
Believe it or not, some dentists are thriving and following the laws and regulations, but it’s a small, innovative few. Align Technology® ran a great webinar last week on the launch of its VC system (virtual consult / virtual check-in). Other similar systems are also available, such as SmileSnap®, GP Ortho Tracking®, and Dental Monitoring®.
In this era of social distancing, it is still critical to maintain strong virtual relationships with our patients. There are many low- or no-cost virtual consult and check-in systems on the market. By implementing these systems, we can guarantee that we will return to healthy practices and continue to help people in the way we always have, one smile at a time.
At some point, business will resume as normal, so it’s important to spend this time preparing your practice for when the pandemic ends, and you can reopen your office doors. It is very likely that it won’t be a “fully normal” SOP. Now is a great time to focus on refining operations, updating project management systems, researching new technology, and growing your social media presence.
Additionally, even when we return, our ability to see patients in the way we did before will likely be limited for some time. We can use our time now to start preparing for these possible scenarios so that we have the technology, equipment, and personnel in place to move forward.
If you are closing your office doors or forced to cut normal business hours, you should certainly post a notice on your website. However, not having an alternative way to engage with your patients and not providing them with other ways to enter your funnel effectively eliminates the value of your site because it will no longer be driving leads.
As bad as the coronavirus pandemic is, it will eventually end. When it does, there will be pent-up demand for orthodontic treatment, and there will be a high demand for consultations, despite potential ongoing issues with the economy. Pre-qualifying patients will be critical to ensure that every patient who takes a consultation slot is motivated, well-informed, and ready to start treatment. Having a high consult treatment acceptance and conversion rate will be a necessity to recover months of lost starts and missing production.
Dentists and dental providers must return online assessments and treatment plans.
As an orthodontist, your most valuable time is your consultation time. In the rush to return our practices to “normal” when we return from the COVID-19 pandemic, this statement will be truer than ever. Providing a high-quality consultation that converts into a treatment start is the key to orthodontic practice growth. Virtual consultations are a way to pre-qualify your leads and create a pipeline of new patients who have already been educated about the benefits of being treated by your practice and been given an estimated treatment plan and fee.
Cutting lab fees on aligners and orthodontics is another way to use your time wisely right now. It is the wild, wild west in the land of clear aligners. StraightSmile Solutions® is the ultimate aligner matchmaker. We help doctors select the ideal cases for white labeling aligners to save 50–75% on average in lab fees and still obtain ideal outcomes. With price points as low as $15 per aligner, now is the time to lower your lab fees!
To schedule a complimentary consultation with our team, visit

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Survival of the Fittest?- How Some Dentists are Surviving the Shutdown

As the CEO of StraightSmile Solutions, I have a 30,000 mile, birds-eye view of what dentists around the world are doing to survive. Sure, most are being over-compliant and burrowing in their rabbit’s dens trying to do “their part to flatten the curve”. Don’t get me wrong, I madly respect that but remember you also have dependents who are often hourly wage-earners who are suffering right now. Now is the time to be more innovative and think “outside the box”. Trust me, I am hurting too. I’ve lost over 50% of my clients temporarily to this slowdown. Instead of chilling and watching Netflix, I’ve chosen to help my fellow dentists with complimentary support.

I am not telling you to break the law or to harm yourselves or others, quite the contrary. My suggestions are clearly explained in dozens of videos I’ve been publishing and posting on my YouTube channel I also have a PDF of suggestions that I can email you if you contact me here.

Believe it or not, some dentists are thriving and following the laws and regulations but it’s a small, innovative few. Align Technology® had a great webinar last week on their launch of their VC system (virtual consult/virtual check-in). There are other systems that are available such as SmileSnap®, GP Ortho Tracking® and Dental Monitoring®.

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