Scheduling and Billing Courses with Mrs. Bansi Popat

Dental Finance and Scheduling Zoom Courses

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Orthodontic Billing

  • ADA-CDT orthodontic codes for insurance billing
  • Determination of optimal orthodontic fees for your zip code
  • Implementation of collection system without hiring additional team members

Integrating Orthodontics via Open Dental Software

  • Structuring columns by orthodontic procedures
  • Adding “hot keys” for most commonly used ortho codes
  • Creating orthodontic chart/note entries in orthodontic format
  • Utilizing the orthodontic module for Open Dental

Recruiting and Hiring Orthodontic Team Members

  • Untapped portal in your community to hire friendly dental personnel
  • Structured interview process for hiring the right personality to grow your orthodontic division
  • Systems to develop your HR process

Developing & Training Process to become an Orthodontic Assistant

  • Flowchart for training an individual with zero dental experience
  • Flowchart for training an individual with dental experience
  • Checklists for quality assurance by orthodontic procedures

Developing Your Brand, Culture & Logo

  • Authenticity and knowing who you really are
  • Rediscovering what kind of orthodontic division you want to have
  • Redeveloping you GP/Pedo practice
  • Key must-have elements of your culture
  • Designing a logo that cannot be replicated by competitors or corporate dental offices

Orthodontic Scheduling Within Your GP/Pedo Practices

  • Orthodontic template and allotted appointment times
  • Creating an internal orthodontic referral system
  • Developing an orthodontic membership program
  • Optimizing your orthodontic schedule

Business Logistics

  • Minimizing your orthodontic overhead when selecting orthodontic supplies, materials and vendors
  • Quickbooks tips
  • Credit card processing fees and ACH

Orthodontic Marketing

  • The best ROI is for your dollar
  • What works and what doesn’t in orthodontic marketing
  • Sway vs. throw away junk
  • Developing an orthodontic patient experience

Mrs. Bansi Popat’s hands-on classes are not a part of the StraightSmile Solutions membership. Please contact Popat Orthodontics with questions or concerns.