Straightwire Course sponsored by 14CEU

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StraightSmile Solutions Digital Straightwire Course infographic

Digital Straightwire Courses with CE- Mini Residency

Online Orthodontics Training Class

Note- Any issues with the admin or CE or technical support please contact CE Zoom directly! [email protected]

This course is run independently by CE zoom and doesn’t come with any case support 

Following this course the participant should be able to understand the following topics:

  1. Orthodontic Records and Diagnostics for Braces and Insurance, Case Selection and Malocclusion Explained
  2. Types of Braces and IDB (Indirect Bonding) vs DB (Direct Bonding) , Bands vs Brackets
  3. Bonding Braces- Breakage and Troubleshooting and Homecare
  4. Complex Cases- Dealing with Vertical Issues: Deep-bites and Open-bites
  5. Complex Cases- Dealing with Transverse Issues in Adults and Kids
  6. Complex Cases- Dealing with Sagittal Issues in Adults and Kids, Extractions and Elastics
  7. Crowding Cases and Black Triangles- IPR vs Lower Incisor Extraction, Round-Tripping
  8. Wire Sequence, Basic Braces Mechanics
  9. Challenging Cases Tips and Tricks: Rotated Premolars, Impacted 2nd Molars, Impacted Canines, Blocked out Laterals, Torque, Molar Intrusion
  10. Bracket Repositioning
  11. Spacing Cases- Challenges with Space Closure and Power Chain,  Anchorage Challenges- Long Tie/ Lace back/ Nance
  12. Midline Challenges
  13. Retention and Final Records after Braces

If you are looking for a LIVE hands-on course, please contact  Dr. Rishi Popat