Invisalign and Clear Aligner Educational Workflow- 27 CEU

Invisalign/Clear Aligner infographic

Step 1: Take BOTH StraightSmile Solutions®, Phase 1 Interceptive Course and Straight-wire Digital Course (27 CEU) – Learn like an orthodontic resident.  We learn about braces and Phase 1 orthodontics BEFORE we start doing aligner cases. These are the orthodontic fundamental principles that are the building blocks of moving teeth with clear aligners. 

Step 2: Decide to do Invisalign or Other Brand of Clear Aligner- This is a personal decision. We can’t tell you which one to pick. If you already have a scanner, your decision may already be made. If you don’t, we’re happy to go over the pros and cons with you in a free phone session. Free Phone Session

Step 3: Buy iTero or Buy Other Scanner

Step 4: Scan Every Patient in your practice but focus on GREEN cases if you have an “Other Scanner” and a Green and Yellow Cases if you have an iTero Scanner. 


Step 5: Collect Photos and Pano on Every Patient in Practice- Use the Invisalign Practice App for Photos if you have an iTero. 

Step 6: Watch the Free StraightSmile Solutions Invisalign or Other Clear Aligner Playlists on YouTube

Step 7: Subscribe to StraightSmile Solutions Concierge Membership for 3-6 Months