Beyond Straight Teeth – Orthodontics and Total Body Wellness: Cervical Chiro and OMT

Orthodontics is so much more than just straight teeth and good bites.  Orthodontics is directly related to a good airway and TOTAL body health! 

In an ideal world, habits and growth issues are eliminated in  Phase 1 Interceptive Treatment  during ages 2-9. Unfortunately, many adults were unable to benefit from such treatment as kids and now need to be treated as adults which often involves interdisciplinary, collaborative treatment. If you are considering implementing orthodontics in your practice you also need to collaborate with other medical and dental specialists like a Cervical Chiropractor and an OMT (Oral Myofunctional Therapist). 

Educational Materials about Cervical Chiro / OMT:

Learn more from our two favorite partners: Ho’ola Chiropractic and  Facial Physique Oral Myofunctional Therapy

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Orofacial myofunctional therapy addresses the head and neck soft tissues, specifically the mouth muscles, that contribute to the formation in the dental arches. Form follows function. If the muscle function is not working properly, we will see smaller and more narrow arches resulting in crowded teeth. When we dive deeper we then see a domino effect throughout the body. The base of the sinuses are the roof of the maxilla. If the maxilla is small, so are the nasal sinuses. This deficiency has been shown to cause deviated septums, low tongue posture, and mouth breathing. All of which contribute to a smaller and compromised airway. Unfortunately, these patients have an increased risk of developing or having sleep disordered breathing. Working closely with a myofunctional therapist will help stabilize the orthodontic outcome, decrease the amount of time a patient is in ortho and help whole body health.