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Phase 1, known as interceptive orthodontic treatment, is a problem-focused treatment where the child’s bite, teeth, airway, and oral habits are addressed. This prepares children for a simpler and limited orthodontic treatment during their adolescence, Phase 2 orthodontic treatment. This Phase 1 treatment generally lasts for 6-18 months and occurs in children aged 6-10 years old. The implementation of Phase 1 treatment helps to prevent and reduce the likelihood of more serious and extensive orthodontic issues in teens and adults, such as impactions of canines, jaw surgeries, and the need for future premolar extractions.

Phase 1 treatment involves the use of functional appliances, braces, or clear aligners to fix many orthodontic malocclusions, including overjet, overbite, crossbites, negative overjet, the management and prevention of impacted canines, oral habits, deep bites and open bites, as well as issues with airway and sleep disordered breathing.

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This 13-hour digital, on-demand course is a curated and historical series of content from the StraightSmile Solutions® team. It will teach dentists about Phase 1 treatment etiology, diagnosis, and treatment planning by using all forms of removable and fixed oral appliances. These include braces, clear aligners, expanders, twin blocks, bionators, reverse pull headgear, habit appliances, and bite plates. After this course, a dentist should feel comfortable with providing orthodontic screening and treatment planning for young patients under the age of 10. This course empowers the dentist to add these procedures to their array of services for additional in-house revenue, or to support local orthodontists via referrals.

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This course is run independently by CE zoom and doesn’t come with any case support – it is just the course with CE. There is a 65 unit quiz in order to pass the course and receive your CE. Please contact CE Zoom with any questions or concerns.

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1. Phase 1 Orthodontics Explained

2. Case Selection


4. Phase 1 Appliances for Transverse (Narrow Arches and Constricted Maxillas)

5. Phase 1 Appliances for AP and Sagittal Correction (Class 2 and Class 3 bites)

6. Phase 1 Appliances for Vertical Correction (Open bites and Deep bites and Overbites)

7. Phase 1 Braces

8. Phase 1 Aligners

9. Preventing Impacted Canines

10. Habits

Phase 1 Orthodontics involves two-phases of orthodontic treatment and it is specialized orthodontic treatment for children ages 6-10. It combines teeth straightening and creating a functional bite. This treatment creates a proper foundation for ideal jaw development and eruption of permanent teeth. Early or late loss of baby teeth, poor diet, crowded or misplaced teeth, overbites, underbites, overjets anterior and posterior crossbites and habits crossbites  can all be corrected with Phase 1 Orthodontic treatment.

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Phase 1 Interceptive Online Course – 13 CEU

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Phase 1 Interceptive Online Course – 13 CEU

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Phase 1 Interceptive Online Course – 13 CEU

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Phase 1 Interceptive Online Course – 13 CEU

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