here.K. Amanda Wilson DDS MDS

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Founder of StraightSmile Solutions

I’m Amanda Wilson, an orthodontist, dental consultant and dental advisor by profession. After 10 years in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area,  I created StraightSmile Solutions® as an orthodontic consulting company that directly services dentists, dental specialists, and dental labs and their unique needs.  I can consult on any orthodontic service, process, vendor or procedure but ultimately my core values are airway-focused (AirwayDontics™), non-extraction, non-surgical, early orthodontic treatment (My Phase 1 Smile™). Orthodontic lab fees are a concern, so through Bid My Ortho Lab™, I match doctors and treatment plans with the best, lowest-price orthodontic lab solution.   On a personal note, I live in Honolulu and I love spending time with my husband and my school-aged kids and volunteering as a Junior Girl Scout® Leader and for USA Swimming® as a Stroke and Turn Judge.

At StraightSmile Solutions®, our goal ultimately is to educate doctors to create healthy and happy smiles. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube® site here for hundreds of hours of free, doctor and patient-facing educational content.  To become a StraightSmile Solutions Client, click  here.