NOTE: StraightSmile Solutions supports dentists and independent dental labs that service private-practice dentists but does not support direct-to-consumer operations.

DISCLAIMER: We are an independent company that supports doctors to do more orthodontics. We are not affiliated with Align Technology® or Invisalign® and we fully support doctors who elect to use this aligner company in their practice.


An alternative to traditional braces, ClearCorrect is a clear aligner system (like Invisalign®) used to straighten teeth. ClearCorrect treatment involves four phases and four sets of clear, custom-made, removable aligners.

StraightSmile Solutions® would be happy to guide you through every step of your patient’s ClearCorrect journey. Once you’ve uploaded records, impressions, and photographs through the ClearCorrect online system, they will be sent directly to a ClearCorrect laboratory where an exact 3D model of your patient’s teeth is created. ClearCorrect will then tailor a treatment plan that will gradually move your patient’s teeth into perfect alignment.

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The Process

  1. Take photos, impressions, and complete a full evaluation of your patient’s teeth.
  2. Submit your patient’s prescription to ClearCorrect.
  3. Share your ClearCorrect Treatment plan with our StraightSmile Solutions® team by clicking on this button and signing in.
  4. StraightSmile Solutions® will review your case and email you within our secure system.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect

  • Invisible – completely transparent
  • Removable – during eating, brushing, and flossing.
  • Made in Round Rock, TX

ClearCorrect FAQs

How long does a treatment take?

The length of each treatment ranges from a few months to a couple years, depending on the complexity of your patient’s case.

How much should my patient be wearing the aligners?

You patients should always be wearing their aligners except for when they are eating or cleaning their teeth. A safe rule of thumb is 22 hours a day.

Does ClearCorrect treat patients directly?

No, ClearCorrect deals exclusively with dentists and doctors. This is why is it crucial that you take advantage of our coaching at StraightSmile Solutions®. We take the pressure off of you and ensure the success of your patient’s treatment.

Will my patient wear a retainer after treatment?

Yes, and StraightSmile Solutions® will make sure that you’ve included a prescription for a retainer, preventing possible relapse, in the patient’s treatment plan.

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