White Papers and Literature

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Myofunctional and Interceptive Appliances


Treatment Planning and Technology



1. Bonded Retainers

2. Stability in Orthodontic Tx Planning

3. Removable Retainers

4. Retention Thoughts

5. Schwartz and Sagittal Appliances

6. Myofunctional Appliances for Overjet Correction

7. Removable Appliances and Compliance

8. Invisalign MA vs Twin Block- Mandibular Advancement

9. Aligners and Virtual Monitoring

10. Space Maintainers

11. CBCT and Ortho Patients

12. Canine Retraction

13. Retained Primary Teeth

14. Aligner Change Frequency

15. Class 2 Correction with Invisalign

16. Primary Canine Extraction for Interceptive Ortho

17. Extractions and Impacted Canines

18. Essix vs Bonded Retainers

19. Musical Instruments and Orthodontics

20 Musical Instruments and Orthodontics- Part 2