Orthodontic Consulting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to Common Questions About StraightSmile Solutions®

Note: StraightSmile Solutions supports dentists and independent dental labs that service private-practice dentists and DSOs but does not support direct-to-consumer operations at this time.

1. What is StraightSmile Solutions®? Is it an orthodontics course?

StraightSmile Solutions is the future of orthodontic coaching. We provide a doctor-to-doctor consulting service that will allow general and pediatric dentists and their teams to access the knowledge and expertise of an industry expert. Our founder, Dr. Amanda Wilson, hopes to revolutionize orthodontic coaching. We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate orthodontic course. There’s are no textbooks, just your cases to help to establish your foundation. We can support you to launch de-novo (new) orthodontic operations or scale your existing orthodontic operations. Our team supports you with every aspect of the process: case selection, team training, operations, case support, and treatment plans. We also have hands-on courses that are launching in 2019, like Orthodontic Education In-A-Bag®. Visit www.straightsmilesolutions.com/media/ to learn more or email [email protected] Because these hands-on courses are totally customizable, we would like you to contact us so that we can help to find the lowest price for you.

The world’s first customizable, digital, orthodontic education.  Just pay for what you need!

orthodontic  education  straight  smile  solutions
  • Basic Straightwire Mechanics
  • IPR
  • IntraOral Elastics
  • Orthodontic Photography
  • Case Selection and Treatment Planning

Customized, learn as you go, on your own time with a built-in feedback and accountability loop for team members. Please email us for details and for a customized proposal.  Discounts for group practices. Please also visit our media page for more information on our destination courses, starting Fall 2019. Space limited to 30 doctors. Please contact us for more information.

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2. What makes StraightSmile Solutions® different from other orthodontic coaching systems?

As compared to other orthodontic coaching service providers, StraightSmile Solutions is a full-time business. We are independent and not run alongside a clinical practice. We commit our full energy to coach and support our doctors.  We pride ourselves on lightning-fast service and responsiveness. We also are not limited to any particular orthodontic system so we’ll support you on any system on the market except DTC.

StraightSmile Solutions is time and cost-efficient. Our services are available exclusively online. Of the over 218,000 general dentists in the U.S., most have little to no formal, educational training in orthodontics. Those who do seek training often have to resort to expensive and time-consuming weekend services.  You learn on the job through trial and error, but those errors can be expensive and unfortunate for both patients and doctors. We aim to fill the gap in the market for quality and efficient coaching to provide valuable solutions for doctors and teams and subsequent positive outcomes in the quality of patient care.

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3. I am not a general or pediatric dentist. Can I use StraightSmile Solutions®?

StraightSmile Solutions’ primary focus is to coach and educate PCDs but as long as you are a licensed dentist, you are welcome to utilize our coaching services.
We encourage you to visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

4. How are coaching sessions conducted? Which plan should I pick?

Our founder, Dr. Amanda Wilson personally conducts every coaching session. Our portal is completely digital and paperless and fully HIPPA-compliant. We offer highly customizable options for communication to suit your needs.
Our primary channels of instruction are via phone conference calls, HIPPA-Compliant Video Chat™ and HIPPA-Compliant messaging portal but we also have hands-on courses. Visit www.straightsmilesolutions.com/media/ to learn more.
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We recommend that every doctor starts with the Concierge or VIP plans since the support is unlimited and allows you to communicate in many flexible ways and the communication is with all team members. The Premium plan is only 10 messages a month. Doctors who use the VIP or Concierge plans most efficiently can scale $100,000 in as little as six months. 

5. Can we meet face-to-face for coaching sessions?

We are happy to arrange on-site individual or team coaching at your convenience for an additional fee. For long-term, Concierge clients, this fee is discounted significantly.  We also charge a reasonable and mutually-agreed-upon travel fee which is requested in advance. If you have colleagues who would like to team-up for sessions, we can divide the travel expenses amongst multiple providers. Venue and catering are the responsibility of the hosting doctor and team.

6. I would rather communicate through email. Is this possible?

We do have email communication options through our HIPPA-compliant portal. We provide multiple options for rapid and guaranteed response times. We recommend that you take a look at our services (link) page for more information.

7. What orthodontic brands do you work with?

We are able to coach on a wide range of orthodontic techniques all orthodontic services and vendors. Based on her first-hand experience in the industry, Dr. Amanda Wilson will be able to recommend cutting-edge solutions that you can utilize in your practice.

Learn more about how we differ from Progressive POS, Rondeau, and Gerety.

If Dr. Amanda has not had the first-hand experience with the technology or vendor you are interested in, she will be able to conduct thorough research and provide professional insights.

Unlike most orthodontic coaching companies, StraightSmile Solutions is not affiliated or sponsored by any specific orthodontic vendor. Any opinion expressed about the product, treatment plan, or solution is wholly unbiased.

Looking to get certified by a new system? We can help introduce you to the new brand and get you set-up.

There are dozens of aligner and IDB (Indirect Bonding) companies in the US alone, here are some of our client’s favorites:


IDB: (Indirect Bonding):

Phase 1/Airway:

8. What if I need to reschedule a coaching session?

StraightSmile Solutions understands that schedules are tight and patients come first. Unfortunately, coaching sessions are not refundable but can be rescheduled with 48 hours’ notice. We will only be able to accommodate one request to reschedule per booking.

9. What if I run late for a coaching session?

Coaching sessions are scheduled on the hour and run for up to 50 minutes, as directed by the doctor. Out of respect for other doctors’ patients and teams, it’s important that our services run strictly on schedule.

Should the client be more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled time, their booking shall be considered a “broken-appointment”. There are no refunds for broken appointments.

All sessions have a “hard stop” at 50 minutes on the hour, regardless of when they started. We encourage our clients to be on time and ready with questions – we are eager to please!

10. Do you have a guaranteed response time for emails?

We offer different packages with 24-hour or 48-hour response times guaranteed, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Barring the unlikely reasons beyond our control, we are compliant with our guaranteed response times and ensure that you always receive a timely reply to your concern.
We recommend that you take a look at our services page for more information.

11. Does it seem counterintuitive for an orthodontist to start a coaching company for general dentists?

That’s the natural, initial reaction to our service offerings. We believe that orthodontics is an evolving profession. The StraightSmile Solutions staff are passionate about our practice and more than willing to share and learn. Most Primary Care Dentists (PCDs) are either doing some kind of orthodontics in their office or are planning to. We aim to create an unconditional and unbiased support base for our clients.

This site aims not to disrupt the practice of orthodontics, but rather to bolster it by supporting PCDs and their teams to incorporate orthodontics into their comprehensive treatment plans and to evaluate the need for orthodontics in every patient. This will ultimately boost quality referrals to local orthodontists and provide more appropriate care to the cases that PCDs choose to keep in-house. Eventually, our portal hopes to provide more access to care for the average American by bringing more affordable orthodontic options to consumers.

12. How much do the services through StraightSmile Solutions® cost?

We have a solution to fit your budget. We offer both “a la carte” and comprehensive package services to suit your needs, and schedule. We are always transparent with our fees and there will never be any hidden charges. We do not require you to commit to a long-term contract.

Our first priority is to provide an opportunity for dentists to receive as much orthodontic coaching as they may need to help select and implement a treatment plan based on their patients’ needs, getting it right the first time. We can also help coach Hygiene, Treatment Coordinator, and Assistant Teams.

Please see the services page for more information. Note, fees are for a single doctor, solo practitioner practice. Group practices please email for an estimate.

We do offer a discount for year-long subscriptions paid upfront.

13. How do you accept payments?

StraightSmile Solutions is a completely paperless and electronic coaching service. All payments are billed automatically on a monthly basis in advance of service, non-refundable,  and paperless, hosted through Stripe(™). We do offer discounts on year-long memberships paid in advance. There are no refunds for this.

Please see the Terms and Conditions page for more information. We reserve the right to withhold services if the account is not current and paid-in-full.

14. Which service should I subscribe to? Can I cancel or downgrade your services?

We strongly recommend most doctors start with a Concierge membership to get oriented and scaled. Most doctors are able to comfortably and confidently step back to a Premium membership after 3-6 months, and you can always cancel with 30 days advance notice. Please note that fees and credits are not refundable or transferable to another provider. We actually have a yearly retention rate of over 95% with our clients but we fully support your desire to be able to operate your orthodontics operations independently once you have the systems and training scaled.

Note- our maximum capacity is 10 Concierge Memberships per month per StraightSmile Solutions Instructor. If you cancel your Concierge membership and want to later reactivate it, we can’t guarantee availability or the same instructor assignment. Also, once your account is deactivated, your Secure Mail portal is also deactivated and the historical communication and documentation archives will be deleted.

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15. Will you do my treatment plans and/or ClinCheck®?

We provide consultancy services only. We can coach and guide you on how to create your own treatment plans efficiently and accurately. We are able to support you throughout the process through our HIPPA-compliant electronic portal, HIPPA-Compliant Video Chat or we can meet in-office but we are flexible if you feel comfortable granting us admin access to your portals. This is only offered through our VIP and Concierge services. 

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

16. How do I set up my HIPAA Secure Mail® Portal?

Click here for more information: Setting up your secure mail

17. Will you help me select the best technology?

We are familiar with the latest and best technology and can help connect you with the best intra-oral scanners, CBCT, and 3D printers. We also hold hands-on sessions to learn more. Visit www.straightsmilesolutions.com/media/

18. What kind of orthodontics do you NOT do?

We prefer to stick with predictable, non-surgical movements. At this time we do not support surgical orthodontic biomechanics: orthognathic surgery, canine exposures, and TADS. We’ll gladly refer you to a class that does support this, though.

19. What kind of results can I anticipate?

You will get out what you put in! It takes effort and commitment from your whole team to see results. We strongly encourage all doctors to initially start as a Concierge client in order to benefit from all the support and services we offer.  If you and your team put the work in, you can expect to see a 200-500% increase in caseloads.

20. Do you offer free hands-on training?

Yes, we offer a free digital, hands-on training module for doctors and teams (up to 4) who purchase a years’ Concierge Membership up-front instead of the monthly subscription. Free training can not be combined with other discounts. Email us for details.

21. What is “On-Call”?

“On-call” is our newest feature that is only offered with the Concierge plan. You are able to use our scheduling link to schedule an “on-call session” (subject to availability) with one of our orthodontists if you have an urgent patient scheduled and need an immediate answer.