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Have you heard? Each year, more general dentists expand and grow their practice by offering braces, Phase 1, and clear aligner services in-house. If you are interested in increasing revenue and cultivating deeper relationships with your patients, Invisalign® is a great option, and StraightSmile Solutions™ is the place to start.

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100% Custom and Entirely Online

Because we are able to offer custom services entirely through a series of virtual methods (HIPAA compliant secure email, Zoom, and telephone), we have streamlined the orthodontic consulting process, saving you money and time so that you can concentrate on what really matters: watching your business grow.

We work with most aligner and straightwire systems and Phase 1/Functional Appliance systems. However, there are a few brands we don’t work with; check out our FAQ question #18 for the answer.


Did you know that we are the only orthodontic consultants in the industry who can advise on every appliance on the market? We are not bound to any one brand or type, so whether you’re working with “your own brand” aligners, alternative aligners, generic aligners, or brand-name aligners, we know it well.

If you’d like a referral to a “white label” orthodontic company, send us an email: [email protected]


• Type of brackets: The best labs will naturally be using high-quality, reputed brackets for their indirect bonding products.

Contact us for a referral to the IDB lab we here at Straight Smile Solutions recommend for reliability and affordability; we can help you get started with doing IDB in your own GP or pediatric practice.

How do I Get Started with IDB in a GP/Pediatric Practice?

Indirect bonding offers an excellent tool for GPs and pediatric dentists looking to get into orthodontics, since they allow for much more cautious, careful treatments and better results. To get started with this in your GP or pediatric practice, simply sign up with one of our plans here at Straight Smile Solutions and contact us for a referral; we can help you find the most affordable, effective, and comprehensive treatment plans for your specific clinic, customized to your needs.


As with braces, it’s potentially possible to save money on your aligner cases by choosing either an alternative or white label aligner company. However, before you do so, ensuring you’ve chosen the right laboratories is crucial, and selecting cases carefully can be vital.

Luckily, our friendly team here at StraightSmile Solutions® can help, so contact us today if you’ve got any questions about starting with white label aligners or optimizing the aligner design.

We can help refer you to labs that offer reliable aligners made from quality materials, costing in the region of $1220 to $1400 for an unlimited case. BETTER STILL, we can provide full consulting support across an unlimited number of cases each month; so, start your journey into custom aligner work the right way with our help.

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What is the Difference Between an Alternative Aligner Company and a White Label Aligner Company?

Contrary to what many people think, though, white label and alternative aligner companies are actually two distinct services, although they are often used interchangeably.White label aligners are custom-made aligners that come without any form of branding (or if there is branding, it will usually just be that of the manufacturing laboratory). Alternative aligner companies, meanwhile, and branded, named companies.

How are White Label Aligners or Alternative Aligners Different from Traditional Aligner Companies like Invisalign or ClearCorrect?

There are numerous reasons that white label aligners / alternative custom aligners can differ from traditional aligner companies such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Most notably, white labels typically won’t come with any branding, and alternative aligners will usually be more limited in their treatment plans than traditional companies. However, the pricing plan can also vary significantly between traditional aligner companies and white label / alternative aligner companies.

What are the benefits of White Label Aligners?

There are several benefits of white label aligners, with their affordability being the key perk. Often, you can save a significant sum by choosing an alternative or white label company, and you can potentially pass these savings onto your clients.
What’s more, you can also purchase in batches based on what you need at the time, so if you’re not confident in paying out for a full set of ten uppers and ten lowers at the outset, you can order a smaller number (e.g. three or four uppers and lowers) and order further aligners as they’re needed.
This also helps avoid scenarios where you’re in a negative cash flow on a case because you’ve paid for all of the aligners upfront when the patient has only paid for part of the treatment plan initially.

What are the Disadvantages?

While white label and alternative companies can offer an excellent solution, it’s worth noting that white labels usually won’t come with a full service, meaning you’ll be paying out individually for each aligner; as such, repeat revisions can quickly get costly. White label aligners may be also less versatile for more complex cases, depending on the manufacturer, and they may not offer as many features for their aligners (for example, bite turbos). Finally, you’ll need to check carefully on the type of product that’s being provided, such as the choice of material and the trim shape.

How to get started with White Label Aligners or Alternative Aligner Companies

If you’d like to get started with white label or alternative aligner companies, feel free to email us here at Straight Smile Solutions. We’re happy to refer our clients on to our own personal preferences for white label and alternative aligner manufacturing. We can help you ensure that you’re ordering the right type of white label or alternative aligners that are well-suited to your treatment plan.

Are You Ready for White-Label Aligners?

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If you would like an introduction to the team who helps US with our white label aligners (lab fee $20 in the US), please email us and ask for an intro [email protected]

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With other orthodontic consultants, not only are you limited to one brand (usually Invisalign®), you are also at the mercy of their schedule. At StraightSmile Solutions®,we offer 24-hour response times and can advise on any type or brand of orthodontic appliance or technology. Everything can be done virtually or by phone so that you can move through your cases efficiently and safely as your business grows.

If you are ready to take your dental practice to the next level by adding orthodontics to your list of services, contact StraightSmile Solutions® to set up a consultation with a trusted orthodontic expert.


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At StraightSmile Solutions™, our concierge package offers 24-hour response times and is priced by monthly subscription, not by case. The pricing structure allows you to pay one price for unlimited cases, and the response time allows you to move more efficiently through those cases in your office. Most orthodontic consultants charge on a per case basis and do not offer virtually live-time responses as we do. In addition to that, we are not bound to one brand and, if necessary, will refer and advise you on Invisalign® alternatives and even traditional braces.

The ability to perform orthodontic cases in your office, instead of referring them out each time to a specialist, can greatly increase revenue through case volume, patient retention and new patient acquisition.