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Yellow Light Cases for GP

Working as a general dentist can sometimes seem tough, but this shouldn’t have to be the case. However, it doesn’t matter how much you study; orthodontic courses alone can only teach you so much, and in many cases, most of your expertise will come from experience and real-life ortho training rather than study. With this […]

All You Need to Know About Skeletal Maturity and Orthodontic Treatment

All You Need to Know About Skeletal Maturity and Orthodontic TreatmentQuestions about skeletal maturity and orthodontic treatment timing can feel embarrassing for many patients. After all, the idea of having an adult looking at your teeth and trying to determine if you are mature enough for treatment can be nerve-wracking. While the process may seem […]

How Does Virtual or Ghost IPR Work to Close Loose Contacts in Invisalign?

When finishing up a case of braces or Invisalign, there are a few loose ends to tie up before completing the work that we have done. The last thing we often need to do is ensure that when patients go through with floss, there is a catch on all of the contacts. Having open contacts […]

What is Mewing in Orthodontics?

Have you ever wondered about what mewing is and, critically, how it relates to orthodontics? A quick spoiler: no, it’s not the sound a cat makes (not in this context, anyway). So, in today’s brief dental coaching guide, we’ll be looking briefly at some of the key things you need to know about what mewing […]

Williams vs a Flea Orthodontics Appliances for Lower Fixed Expansion?

Williams vs a Flea Orthodontics Appliances for Lower Fixed Expansion?Most commonly, lower fixed expansion cases will be seen in mixed dentition patients, and these unique scenarios can come with several potential complications and struggles. With this thought in mind, ensuring you know the difference between a Williams Appliance and a Flea for lower fixed expansion […]

Dental vs Skeletal Crossbites and Palatal Expansions for Mixed Dentition Patients

Have you been looking to determine whether a mixed dentition patient requires a palatal expansion and how this applies to dental vs skeletal crossbites? This can sometimes be a little tricky to accurately pinpoint and treat, which is why we’ve outlined a few critical things you should consider as part of your ortho course to […]

Braces vs Invisalign: When to Use Each

Have you been looking to find out when you should be using Invisalign and when to just stick with regular braces? Both Invisalign and regular braces can provide good solutions, but to get the best results, you want to ensure you’ve started out with the right type of solution for your patient’s unique case. Of […]

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Taking Open Bite Adult Cases

Not all anterior open bites are the same, but treating adult cases and growing children can be very different. In fact, with patients who are done growing their anterior open bite must be treated at the cause level. Otherwise, there can be harmful effects as a result. This article will address why you should avoid […]

How to Tell if a Maxillary Labial Frenectomy is Required

How to Tell if a Maxillary Labial Frenectomy is RequiredHave you ever wondered about how you tell when a maxillary labial frenectomy is needed? In many cases, it’s pretty easy to work out the correct orthodontic treatment plan options – however, in some cases, things can seem a little trickier. In this scenario, it’s well […]

Adults – Should You Attempt to Fix a Posterior Crossbite with Invisalign or ClearCorrect?

The question of whether or not to attempt to fix a posterior crossbite in an adult patient with Invisalign might be tempting, but the default is not to attempt to do so. However, some professionals continue to try to do so because there is no explicit warning from Invisalign not to do so. Just because […]