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What is STOPPING General Dentists from doing MORE Invisalign and Clear Aligners?

I married a general dentist. We met at UCSF Dental School and we were in the same anatomy lab group. I always knew I was going to specialize. I was “gunner” (that’s what we called the high academic students back at UCSF in the 90’s). I was there for one reason only: to become an […]

Advanced Aligner Tricks and Tips for Ideal Outcomes

In 2002, when I was an orthodontic resident at the University of Connecticut, I snuck out of my residency program for a long weekend with the defense that I was “visiting family” for a so-called “family emergency” in San Francisco. Although I do indeed have family in the Bay Area, this was no crisis! Our […]

How to Hire and Pay for an In-House Orthodontist at Your Group Dental Practice

Are you looking to add orthodontic services to your group dental practice? No matter whether you are a general dentist, pediatric dentist, or a DSO, adding these services can seem like a great opportunity to expand your business and increase your revenue. However, while they can be beneficial, there are also a host of challenges […]


This article will bring to you relevant questions and answers that will reveal the pearls required for achieving efficient and profitable orthodontic practice in a GP Practice. Q. 1 What are the steps to take when incorporating orthodontics into a GP practice? There is no “one size fits all approach” to launching or scaling orthodontics […]

TMD, TMJ, and Orthodontics

What do TMD and TMJ mean?These are both acronyms that refer to the same condition, though one is more specific than the other. The first one, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is the correct term that is used in the industry of orthodontics. It means that you have a disorder in this joint, which connects the […]

Does StraightSmile Solutions Have a Phase 1 or Interceptive Orthodontics Course?

Do You Offer In-Person Courses? Find out here.  We used to do in-person courses for interceptive but they are very expensive to produce and put on and in order to do so, you have to get sponsors so it’s more affordable for dentists to attend.The problem with sponsors is that they try to control the […]

Why Doesn’t StraightSmile Solutions Do Lecture Courses on Aligners?

I do sometimes offer courses. I post them on my website here: The reason I don’t do actual “courses” is because these are always sponsored (because they are expensive to put on) and  in doing so you give your heart and sole away legally and you can’t speak freely.  I’ve had that happen to me […]

How Do StraightSmile Solutions Invisalign Protocols Differ from Molis and GLR?

I often get asked this question and I really don’t have an answer for it, outside of “we do things differently”:1. We don’t have some blurb that you cut and paste in your comments section of your Invisalign Clinical Preferences.* This never works! All it does it slow down your treatment-planning and confuse the technicians.2. […]

Class 3 Space Closure Mechanics

It is so important to manage space well with anchorage for Class III cases. Below are my “Class III Spacing Beads on a String Mechanics”.At the heart of this is ANCHORAGE! The LLHA is my anchorage of choice for class 3 cases with lower spacing. If the class III case has only upper spacing, the […]

Can Periodontal Patients get Invisalign or Braces?

Yes, some periodontal patients can indeed get orthodontic treatment but it isn’t without risks.My preference for these patients is always Invisalign over fixed braces for hygiene and also because the forces are slower and lower. This leads to less tissue breakdown over time during treatment. Also, you need to differentiate between ACTIVE periodontal disease and […]