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I Might Do Phase 1 Tx On This Child, Would You?

One of the biggest challenges and controversies in orthodontics is how and when to manage mixed-dentition, pediatric patients. Orthodontic trends are cyclic and Phase I is “out; it’s become fashionable again to delay treatment until the late-mixed dentition. I often look back on my clinical orthodontic days and wish I could hit a rewind button […]

Why Is My ClinCheck® So Crappy?!

I know this post is going to initially raise more than a few eyebrows in the dental community, but please do me a favor, have patience and read through the entire post before jumping to a conclusion about what I am or am not supposedly implying and whose team I am on today. I don’t […]

Four Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Dental Scanner

The scanning market is evolving quicker than Darwin’s tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. I’ve been hesitating to write this piece because I know the content will instantly be usurped by more current information. Simply said, if you’re a dentist, you need a scanner. The price-point is so low now that it’s readily affordable for every […]

If Invisalign® is the “Kleenex”® of the Aligner Systems, Give Me Facial Tissue Instead…. Clear Correct®!

2016 is ringing-out with a bang, especially for StraightSmile Solutions®. The aligner and short-term orthodontics markets are rapidly evolving and we are seeing more clients and prospective patients than ever requesting alternative aligner products. Invisalign® is the fluffy and fabulous “Kleenex®” of the orthodontic industry, but it’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of pushback, […]

Are You an Aligner Pioneer?

  Your patients love aligners and so do you! Every day, someone asks me about cheaper alternatives to Invisalign ®. Yes, they do exist, but buyer-beware! The key to integrating these into your practice is simply case selection. With some of Invisalign’s ® patents approaching expiration, this market is exploding in the US and beyond. […]

The Key to Hiring a Dynamic Dental Assistant

  Staffing issues are the number one frustration in dentistry. Face it: recruiting, hiring, training and maintaining staff is challenging. Occasionally, you find yourself a “Maria”: the ideal, perfect, educated, loyal, punctual dental assistant. I met my Maria twelve years ago on my first day of work, fresh out of residency. Nobody else has ever […]

Embrace the Upsell Elephant!

Nothing in dentistry creates more controversy than the notion of “selling” dentistry. Certainly, the most successful dental practices have teams that are adept in the skill of upselling. Face it, there’s more than one way to skin a cat! For any dental problem, there may be multiple solutions with a variety of price tags to […]