Using BIG ALIGNER BRAND Resources to help Identify Cases for Alternative or White Label Aligners
I. Introduction
Dr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions. In today’s intro, I want to delve into the world of using existing big aligner brands—although I won’t name them—specifically their free treatment planning resources. If you’re curious about alternative aligner companies or white-label aligner companies, join my upcoming webinar on May 7th at 7 p.m. Eastern. It’s free, offers two CE units, and you can sign up (limited to 999 attendees). Now, let’s explore how you can leverage the resources of big aligner brands for ideal cases before considering alternative options.
II. Webinar Announcement
A. Date and time: May 7th at 7 p.m. Eastern
B. Location:, under “Classes”
C. CE units offered
D. Limited slots (999 people) – first come, first served
E. Recording availability for later viewing
F. Clarification on synchronous vs. on-demand viewing
III. Membership Requirements for Aligner Brands
A. Big Aligner Brand 1 and Big Aligner Brand 2
1. Costs associated with joining
2. Quick vs. class-based registration
B. Recommendation for using Big Aligner Brand 1 for its extensive resources
IV. Utilizing Big Aligner Brand 1 Resources
A. Photo Loader
1. Functionality for cropping and orienting photos
2. Direct import into the dashboard
B. Inface Resources
1. Game-changing tools for various case types
C. Bolton Button
1. Significance in class one case
2. Recommended for determining lower IPR need
D. CBCT Integration
1. Insights on arch expansion and proclination limits
V. Case Workup and Decision-Making
A. Working up cases using the free resources
B. Analyzing options for treatment plans
1. Determining aligner count
2. Consideration of IPR and sequential distalization
C. Exploring the option of transferring cases to alternative aligner companies
D. Caveats and limitations of alternative aligner companies
VI. White Label Aligner Companies
A. Overview of white-label aligner companies
B. Cost structure (per aligner)
C. Considerations before choosing white label
1. Tracking game and accountability loop
2. Importance of virtual resources for check-ins
VII. Webinar Focus and Conclusion
Dr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions provides valuable insights into leveraging the resources of major aligner brands, particularly for treatment planning. Emphasizing the use of free tools offered by these brands, she encourages orthodontic professionals to explore options before considering alternative aligner companies or white-label services. The importance of thorough case evaluation, including the consideration of factors like IPR, virtual accountability loops, and adherence to terms and conditions, is highlighted. Dr. Amanda’s intention is not to divert cases from established brands but to empower practitioners with knowledge and options for optimal patient care. For further details, she invites professionals to join her upcoming webinar on May 7th, offering two CE units for attendees.