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What is the CR-CO Shift Triad In Mixed Dentition Treatment Planning?

Dr. Amanda from Straight Smile Solutions discusses the CCO Shift Triad, a concept crucial for recognizing CR-CO shifts in mixed dentition patients. This knowledge is essential for general, pediatric, and aligner dentists to achieve optimal outcomes. Visit Straight Smile Solutions for more insights.I. The CCO Shift TriadA. CCO shifts are very common in mixed dentition […]

Pre-Phase 1 Interceptive Treatment and Emotional Maturity in Orthodontic Case Selection

I. IntroductionA. Dr. Amanda from Straightsmile SolutionsB. Explaining “pre-phase 1 Ortho treatment”II. Phase 1 Ortho TreatmentA. Usually starts around age 7-9B. Criteria for phase 1 treatment1. First permanent molars erupted2. Eruption of lower anterior teeth (5, 6, 7, 8)3. Ideal: Eruption of upper anterior teeth (7-10)C. Goal of phase 1 treatment1. Correct overjets2. Address negative […]

When to Start Phase 1 Interceptive Treatment

Have you ever wondered about when to start your phase 1 interceptive treatment plan for a patient? It’s not always easy to work out how to develop the right treatment plan for your patients, especially for Phase 1 interceptive cases. Nonetheless, the following tips could help you determine the right approach for your patients.When Should […]

Phase 1 Midlines

In your patients in Phase 1 treatment–or ages six through nine–fixing midlines depends on a couple of different circumstances. As always, you should view each case as an individual. Each patient has a different skeleton, different teeth, and different case details. In this article, we’ll discuss what factors dictate whether or not it is possible […]

Phase 1 Wire Sequence

Phase 1 Wire Sequence: Why I Do Sectional Wires Sectional Wires and CynchAs an orthodontist, I have had the opportunity to work with various wire sequences over the years. However, one of my go-to options for Phase 1 treatment is the sectional wire sequence with the addition of Cynch. The sectional wire sequenceThis approach uses […]

The Different Types of Phase 1 Treatment Plan Retainers You Could Try

If you have been looking to start a Phase 1 treatment plan for your patients, we here at Straight Smile Solutions can help. With this thought in mind, we’re looking at how you can potentially integrate the different types of Phase 1 retainers and how these might work for your unique needs.Why You Might Need […]

Phase 1 Introduction

  In many cases, taking action on a patient’s case as early as possible is hugely important. However, knowing how to address Phase 1 orthodontic cases can often be difficult, which is why we here at Straight Smile Solutions have compiled a collection of helpful dentist videos to ensure you’re getting the most from every […]

What To Look For in Phase 1 for Young Eruption Lane Patients

    When a young patient comes into the clinic for the first time, there are several things you’ll need to watch out for during their initial dentist consultation. Eruption lanes are just one such example, and recognizing these is important to determine a suitable easy orthodontics treatment plan for the child. What am I […]

What Should you Charge for that Phase 1 Interceptive Case?

Orthodontic treatment is expensive, and determining the appropriate price for a Phase 1 interceptive case can be challenging. As an orthodontist, it’s important to consider several factors when determining the cost of treatment to ensure fair pricing for both the patient and your practice.The first consideration is the complexity of the case. Some cases may […]

What You Need to Know About Our Phase 1 Course

Have you ever wanted to optimize your work as a professional orthodontist? In many cases, finding the ideal online orthodontics courses for your unique needs can seem like a struggle. Still, we here at Straight Smile Solutions wanted to change this, and so we set out to provide our users with a unique alternative to […]