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What You Need to Know About Our Phase 1 Course

Have you ever wanted to optimize your work as a professional orthodontist? In many cases, finding the ideal online orthodontics courses for your unique needs can seem like a struggle. Still, we here at Straight Smile Solutions wanted to change this, and so we set out to provide our users with a unique alternative to […]

Why You Can’t Just Rely On Invisalign for All Phase 1 Treatment

Invisalign is a useful tool in orthodontics and can even be considered the best phase 1 product for alignment. However, those performing phase 1 orthodontic treatment cannot rely on Invisalign alone to handle all of their phase 1 cases. In this way, it’s important not to use Invisalign as a crutch for all of your […]

What is the Right Age to Start Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment?

Serving young patients for orthodontics can be tricky, as kids develop differently despite their ages, and every patient’s needs differ. Phase 1 treatment is important for children who need it to avoid possible conflicts in the future, but starting too early can be harmful to children and possibly their teeth too.   What is the […]

How to Build an in-house Aligner Lab and Launch Phase 1

Some of my favorite podcasts on the topic:   Feel free to buzz us at to schedule a complimentary consultation to help you get started.

How to Get Started with Phase 1 and RPE in your Practice

Many doctors are interested in integrating Phase 1 Orthodontics in their practice. Early treatment with Phase 1 Orthodontics has life-long health and esthetic benefits. We have several resources we recommend to get started: 1. Read Our Blogs: 2. Listen to our Podcasts: 3. Watch our YouTube videos: 4. Watch […]

Comprehensive, Limited and Phase 1 Treatment Explained!

Note- the following is the interpretation of codes and billing by Dr. Amanda Wilson and StraightSmile Solutions. Please consult your own dental practice act in your own state or country and the insurance company you are partnering with. For a 1:1 coaching session by Dr. Wilson to optimize orthodontics in your practice, please visit […]

Delivering a Schwartz or Sagittal Appliance

How to put on a Kobi hook, Part 2

How to put on a Kobi hook, Part 1

How to obtain posterior occlusion in aligners