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2023 Invisalign and Clear Aligner Refinement Instructions

2023 Invisalign and Clear Aligner Refinement InstructionsI. IntroductionDr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions discusses the five key things needed when submitting an Invisalign or clear aligner refinement case. Emphasizing the importance of knowing the current aligner number, attachment status, previous IPR done, updated photos with bite registration, and tracking photos of the aligners in the patient’s […]

Tackling Refinements Sequential Distalization with Invisalign and Clear Aligners

If you’ve been working with a clear aligners company that allows proper sequential distalization, it’s worth noting that these cases will usually be quite time consuming, and you may end up doing one or two refinements, even if you take it slow and low and tackle things properly. But how should you handle refinements for […]

Do You Need a New Pano or OPG for Every Refinement or Revision Case?

Have you ever wondered about taking panos and OCGs for revision and refinement cases? In many cases, this will come down to a case-by-case decision, but there are some things you can keep in mind.Do You Need a New Pano / OPG for Every Revision or Refinement? Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer on whether you […]

VPC, Refinement, or Retainers? When are you DONE with that Invisalign or Clear Aligner Case?

A. Dr. Amanda’s guidance on decision-making in late-stage Invisalign treatmentB. Three main options: refinement, Virtual Power Chain (VPC), or transitioning to retainersII. Assessing AlignmentA. Dr. Amanda advises patients to assess tooth alignmentB. Suggests taking a panoramic X-ray for root alignment confirmationC. Encourages subjective evaluation by patientsD. Advocates involving friends and family for inputIII. Alignment SatisfactionA. […]

Free Invisalign Hack to Save on Your Clear Aligner Cases!

Have you ever wondered about the best ways to optimize your Invisalign clear aligner cases? With just one quick and easy step, you can transform your Invisalign or clear aligner cases and massively cut back on refinements – and we’ve highlighted what you need to know today to help with this!One Simple Step to Cut […]

Removing Invisalign Before Revisions and Refinements

Removing Invisalign Before RevisionsWhile we all like to hope our cases will go perfectly the first time around, this isn’t always the case. In line with this, it’s worth having a plan in place for when you experience revision cases – and critically, knowing whether you should remove Invisalign before revisions is crucial.Should I Remove […]

How IPR Works for Additional Aligners with Invisalign

How IPR Works for Additional Aligners with InvisalignHave you ever wondered about how IPR works for additional aligners (AKA refinements)? If this is something you have been unsure about, don’t panic; our friendly team here at Straight Smile Solutions are on hand to help you learn more about how IPR works to refine additional aligners […]

Invisalign and ClearCorrect Refinements with StraightSmile Solutions

This article aims to assist dental providers with orthodontic refinements and aligner treatments. Dr. Amanda from Straightsmile Solutions acknowledges that many individuals request personalized guidance for their refinements through à la carte sessions or signing up for a concierge membership. However, it’s important to identify the root cause of refinement needs, as orthodontic treatment is […]

A Guide to Submitting Invisalign Refinements / Additional Aligners

I help doctors submit for refinements/ additional aligners every day. Here’s what I need to know first: 1. What aligner is the patient currently holding on? 2. Did you take new scan/impression? 3. Did you remove the old attachments before the impression?   Here’s a guide to doing it yourself:   If you need […]