Have you ever wondered about the best ways to optimize your Invisalign clear aligner cases? With just one quick and easy step, you can transform your Invisalign or clear aligner cases and massively cut back on refinements – and we’ve highlighted what you need to know today to help with this!
One Simple Step to Cut Refinements and Save on Your Clear Aligner and Invisalign Cases
Did you know that there’s one tiny step that many people skip when it comes to their Invisalign and clear aligner cases? Indeed, it’s easy to avoid this step, especially since clear aligner companies often consider it to be optional. But in reality, avoiding this step can actually leave you doing far more refinements than normal.
So, what should you do for all your Invisalign/clear aligners cases? Well, simply take a piece of full arch articulating paper all around the teeth. Ensuring they’re in CR (i.e., there are no CR/CO shifts) and that you’ve tapped the paper correctly, you can then take and upload photos.
Often, it’s best not to just go off of scan articulation, as there’s always the potential for these to be incorrect or otherwise not match. If the photos do not match with the scan, you’ll want to ask them to rearticulate based on the photos to ensure a suitable treatment plan.
Don’t Compromise!
Today’s amazing hack is something that many people skip, but with just a matter of moments, you can make sure that your Invisalign and clear aligner cases are properly optimized to save time and money in the long run.