2023 Invisalign and Clear Aligner Refinement Instructions
I. Introduction

Dr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions discusses the five key things needed when submitting an Invisalign or clear aligner refinement case. Emphasizing the importance of knowing the current aligner number, attachment status, previous IPR done, updated photos with bite registration, and tracking photos of the aligners in the patient’s mouth. Having this information ensures a proper refinement ClinCheck for a successful case outcome.
II. 5 Things to Submit for a Refinement

1. What aligner number is the patient currently on?

– You need to know exactly what aligner the patient has been wearing so the new ClinCheck is accurate.

2. Were attachments removed or left on for the refinement scan?

– Decide whether to keep or remove attachments based on how the initial treatment went.

3. Was all the prescribed IPR done on the previous ClinCheck?

– Check records to ensure IPR isn’t repeated on the same sites.

4. Provide a full set of intraoral photos with articulating paper.

– This ensures the bite is accurate in the ClinCheck refinement.

5. Provide tracking photos with aligners in.

– Shows how aligners are fitting and tracking.
III. Best Practices for Better Outcomes

– Use a virtual monitoring system to oversee patient compliance.

– Ensure aligners fit like a glove with no gaps before advancing.

– Have the patient seat aligners fully before starting new tray.

– Follow clear aligner delivery protocol.
IV. Conclusion
To complete clear aligner treatment, whether Invisalign or another system, clinicians must follow proper protocols. For refinements, provide the aligner number, attachment status, IPR done, photos with bite marks, and tracking photos. Ensure proper ClinCheck staging, aligner delivery with seating instructions, and virtual monitoring. When steps are skipped, treatment predictability suffers, leading to suboptimal results, unhappy patients, and unnecessary refinements. Attention to detail and consistency in process is imperative for clear aligner success.