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Picking the Optimal Aligner Company Based on Case Complexity

Every patient’s case is different, and with this thought in mind, knowing about the different features of each aligner company’s services can be incredibly helpful. Fortunately, we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about when you should be using each different aligner company or product type to help inform your decision.How […]

Invisalign with CBCT and Palatal Fenestration: How Accurate is the AI?

Invisalign with CBCT and Palatal Fenestration: How Accurate is the AI? Orthodontic treatments have been revolutionized in recent years by combining advanced technology and artificial intelligence (AI). One such advancement is the integration of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging and palatal fenestration in the Invisalign treatment process. This innovative approach aims to enhance the […]

Outlining Comprehensive Benefits and Drawbacks for Compromised Treatment Plan Cases

As an orthodontic consultant, making sure you’ve come up with the most effective treatment plan that matches your patients’ expectations is hugely important. This is something that we here at Straight Smile Solutions LLC understand better than most – and so we’ve summarized some of the key things you should stress about comprehensive treatment plans […]

What is Two-Front?

How Do Two-Front Invisalign Aligners Work? Have you ever heard about the new Invisalign trend, two-front Invisalign? While it’s not a direct Invisalign portfolio addition, the two-front aligner is definitely making waves in the orthodontic field. As such, knowing what two-front Invisalign is, how it works, and the key features could be a major benefit […]

How to Manage an Invisalign Case with Existing Implants

Ideally, Invisalign patients do not have existing implants before they receive aligners. However, there are cases in which patients want Invisalign after they have an implant. These Invisalign cases might not always be possible, and patients with implants should straighten their teeth first before receiving an implant in most cases. But you might still be […]

Introducing Invisalign Smile Architect

Introducing Invisalign Smile ArchitectWhen it comes to Invisalign, knowing about all of the amazing features on offer can be hugely valuable – but this is something that many people miss out on. With this thought in mind, today, we’re taking a quick look at one of the exciting new features of the Invisalign Clincheck platform: […]

Can I Do Accelerated Invisalign for Free?

Have you ever thought about trying an accelerated Invisalign program? Many people look to use a faster course to help reduce Invisalign costs or fees, often by downgrading to a cheaper package. However, it can also be done in cases where the patient wants their Invisalign course to be finished by a certain time. In […]

The Different Types of Phase 1 Treatment Plan Retainers You Could Try

If you have been looking to start a Phase 1 treatment plan for your patients, we here at Straight Smile Solutions can help. With this thought in mind, we’re looking at how you can potentially integrate the different types of Phase 1 retainers and how these might work for your unique needs.Why You Might Need […]

Double-It! Clear Aligners

What Is the “Double It” Philosophy in Clear Aligners?In this article, we want to explore the “double it philosophy” in an Invisalign case and the triple it philosophy in a ClearCorrect case. Why is this so?The default movement per Invisalign aligner is 0.25 millimeters. For ClearCorrect the figure is 0.3 to 0.35 depending on what […]

How to Handle Posterior Openbite for Invisalign Cases

What You Should Know About Posterior Openbite for Invisalign Cases   Have you ever had a posterior openbite case during Invisalign and clear aligner cases? Working out how to handle a posterior openbite in Invisalign cases, it’s always important to keep in mind that every situation is unique. Nevertheless, there are options you could consider […]