If you have been looking to start a Phase 1 treatment plan for your patients, we here at Straight Smile Solutions can help. With this thought in mind, we’re looking at how you can potentially integrate the different types of Phase 1 retainers and how these might work for your unique needs.
Why You Might Need to Do a Phase 1 Treatment Plan
One of the first things you should keep in mind is why you might want to do a Phase 1 treatment plan in the first case. When ortho starts, Phase 1 can be useful for cases such as fixing bites, crowding, straightening the front teeth, and cosmetic purposes, to name a few. With these treatment plans, though, it is crucial to keep in mind that this is only a short-term solution to prepare patients for Phase 2 treatments.
Types of Phase 1 Retainers for When Ortho Starts
Once you’ve determined that a patient needs Phase 1 retainers, you’ll want to choose the correct type of retainer. Some of our favorites here at Straight Smile Solutions (based on the amazing designs offered by ODL) include:
– Theroux Phase 1 Retainer (thicker than many regular retainers – covers the front ¾ teeth with a hollowed area to allow teeth to come in and out)
– Lingual Retainer (used with permanent teeth, can be customized with mesh pads on each tooth to help prevent moving the teeth)
– EG Appliances (expensive but offer incredibly versatile Phase 1 retainers)
– Myofunctional Retainer (highly affordable retainers, ideal for bite point or maintaining transverse cases and the like)
One important point to note here is that Invisalign isn’t necessarily offering Phase 1 retention after the Phase 1 treatment itself. It’s also worth noting that some retainers can be modified before ortho starts, with some lab work to create Phase 1 retainers for a much more affordable price.
It’s worthwhile to see Phase 1 patients every few months after ortho starts to ensure that things are progressing as normal and that your patients are wearing their retainer properly.
Final Thoughts
If you have been looking to create an orthodontics treatment plan for your patients using Phase 1 retainers, but you’re struggling to see which might be the best fit, don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions for further advice. Our personalized consulting solutions are designed with your unique requirements in mind!