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What You Need to Know About the Invisalign In-Face Smile Feature

What You Need to Know About the In-Face Smile Feature   Have you ever wanted to find out more about the in-face smile feature offered as part of your Invisalign treatment plan creation? The in-face smile feature is an exceptionally helpful, AI-powered tool that can help you come up with the right treatment plan to […]

Invisalign Take-Home Instructions

In many cases, fitting clear aligners such as Invisalign can seem difficult, to begin with. However, if you’ve been struggling, don’t worry – we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about the latest Invisalign delivery instructions to help make your efforts to fit Invisalign a little more successful. The Latest Invisalign […]

What if a Crooked Tooth WON’T MOVE!! What’s Next? TADS?

Occasionally, as orthodontists, we get a stubborn tooth. We try and try but the tooth won’t move. Here are some of the solutions and resolutions for this issue:1. Reassess your mechanics. Is what you are doing even biomechanically POSSIBLE? Check articulation. Check contacts. Call a friend who is an orthodontist for a second opinion. 2. […]

What is STOPPING General Dentists from doing MORE Invisalign and Clear Aligners?

I married a general dentist. We met at UCSF Dental School and we were in the same anatomy lab group. I always knew I was going to specialize. I was “gunner” (that’s what we called the high academic students back at UCSF in the 90’s). I was there for one reason only: to become an […]

Advanced Aligner Tricks and Tips for Ideal Outcomes

In 2002, when I was an orthodontic resident at the University of Connecticut, I snuck out of my residency program for a long weekend with the defense that I was “visiting family” for a so-called “family emergency” in San Francisco. Although I do indeed have family in the Bay Area, this was no crisis! Our […]

A Guide to Submitting Invisalign Refinements / Additional Aligners

I help doctors submit for refinements/ additional aligners every day. Here’s what I need to know first: 1. What aligner is the patient currently holding on? 2. Did you take new scan/impression? 3. Did you remove the old attachments before the impression?   Here’s a guide to doing it yourself:   If you need […]

How is Invisalign Treatment Staging

This is an analogy I like to use about aligner staging:Picture a big river with lots of stones to use to walk across. (This is a hypothetical analogy).We only have “so much” asphalt to manufacture the stones.We could have 10 big stones, each 2 feet from one another…OrWe could have 20 little stones, each 12 […]

Dr. Amanda’s Guide to Invisalign Attachments and Auxiliaries

If you are a frequent reader of my blog ( or a subscriber of my YouTube channel (, you’ve become accustomed to my tricks and tips on attachment and auxiliary design and placement. And you probably know that I think “optimized” attachments are mostly an over-hyped, proprietary feature of Align Technology. Below, I have compiled […]

Will StraightSmile Solutions Set Up Invisalign ClinChecks?

Would you like to do more Invisalign cases and reduce your revisions and refinements? Our team at StraightSmile Solutions has over 19 years of experience with setting up successful ClinCheck outcomes. We’ve done tens of thousands of aligner cases over the past 20 years. If you would like to add Invisalign to your practice, but […]

How to get out of Invisalign Jail

I’ve been in Invisalign jail. I have family members currently in Invisalign Jail. I have clients in Invisalign Jail. Align technology has one of the most unfriendly financing policies and procedures. Once you get yourself in jail it can take years to get out of it. This is one of the top three reasons doctors […]