This is an analogy I like to use about aligner staging:

Picture a big river with lots of stones to use to walk across. (This is a hypothetical analogy).

We only have “so much” asphalt to manufacture the stones.
We could have 10 big stones, each 2 feet from one another…


We could have 20 little stones, each 12 inches from one another.
Are you more likely to successfully cross without falling in with the 10 big stones spaced far apart or the 20 little stones each very close together?

Probably the little ones, right?

With Invisalign Comprehensive and ClearCorrect Unlimited, you can slow the movements down as much as you want and have tons of little stones and change it more frequently. 7 days, 5 days, 4 days.

It doesn’t cost more.

It is basically impossible to get off track if you do this as long as you use your team’s “second skin” scripting. The 7 days (or 2 weeks) doesn’t even START until it is fully on, seated and tracking like a 2nd skin.