As an orthodontic consultant, making sure you’ve come up with the most effective treatment plan that matches your patients’ expectations is hugely important. This is something that we here at Straight Smile Solutions LLC understand better than most – and so we’ve summarized some of the key things you should stress about comprehensive treatment plans (and why it’s so crucial to make sure compromised cases know what perfect is – and how they’ll miss out).
Why You Should Always Let Patients Know What a Fully Comprehensive Treatment Plan Looks Like
Not every patient will necessarily want a service that’s “perfect.” After all, a completely comprehensive plan will often cost more, and if a patient is happy with a less-than-perfect solution, why would they want to pay more?
With that being said, it’s vital to remember that, as an orthodontic consultant, you should always highlight what the perfect result could look like. Even if the patient is adamant they don’t want this, covering your chosen treatment plan’s risks, benefits, and alternatives is crucial to ensure the patient is well informed – even if you can’t provide the alternative.
Of course, as an orthodontic consultant, it’s worth getting training on all different types of procedures – even if you don’t intend to offer this service. However, knowing about the different options can help you know when you’re providing a suitable service, and if you’re not quite sure you can do the job right, you may want to send the patient to another specialist instead.
Always Outline the Final Results/Risks with Compromised, Non-Comprehensive Cases
Make sure to clarify what will improve and whether there are any features that don’t improve – or could even get worse – by doing a non-comprehensive case. This allows the patient to make an informed decision, knowing that settling for a compromised treatment plan could cause complications or give a result they weren’t quite anticipating. Things can be especially risky if you’re dealing with a Class 3 case, or the like.
Failing this, you could end up with dissatisfied patients who need a lot of revisions or whose cases eventually cost a lot more than you originally charged. Don’t get caught out!
Don’t Settle for Compromised Cases Without Outlining the Pros and Cons of Comprehensive First
If you have any further questions about comprehensive treatment plans and their benefits or how to explain the potential that perfect solutions can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Straight Smile Solutions LLC today. We understand how important it is to clarify the features of a perfect treatment, after all – and we’ll help you develop the ideal case and treatment plan for your own patients.