Why You Should Get An OMT’s Support Before Taking Lateral Openbite Due to Lateral Tongue Thrust Patients

As a general dentist, getting into the world of orthodontics can offer a wealth of opportunities. However, orthodontics for general dentists isn’t always straightforward, and being aware of tricky cases – and when you should get support from a professional orthodontist or OMT – is vital. This is the case with lateral openbite patients due to lateral tongue thrust, and we’ve outlined why in today’s guide.
Why You Should Not Take Patients with a Lateral Openbite Due to Lateral Tongue Thrust
If you come across a patient with a lateral openbite due to lateral tongue thrust, we strongly recommend that you avoid taking these cases on. Indeed, these cases should instead be referred immediately to an OMT, as these cases will often be incredibly difficult to finish – and, even if they do work initially, retainment is usually very poor.
Many patients will be reluctant to go to an OMT, naturally, since this can be incredibly expensive. Often, it’s not just the cost of an OMT consultation either; there are often additional costs for the patient to pay, such as surgeries, tongue releases, cervical chiropractic care, and the like.
The Risk of Taking On These Cases Before Getting an OMT’s Support
The poor success of lateral openbite cases due to lateral tongue thrust can lead to many issues down the line. When the patient notices that their orthodontics treatment plan isn’t working in the long term or is not progressing normally, you’ll likely experience a lot of complaints, and you may even need to refund the treatment plan entirely.
Get the OMT to Sign The Patient Off First
While these cases are tricky, it is potentially possible to treat these patients. However, you should never attempt to do so until an OMT has signed off the patient as having corrected the issues.
Still feeling unsure? Make sure you get professional support from an orthodontics consultancy team – such as us here at Straight Smile Solutions – to help you avoid taking on risky cases.