Why TMJ and TMD May Not Be Related to Your Jaw At All

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between your jaw and TMD jaw pain? In many cases, it’s generally assumed in orthodontics that jaw pain must result from jaw problems; it does make sense, after all. However, when developing a suitable treatment plan, it’s worth remembering that TMJ and TMD may not necessarily be related to your jaw.
When TMJ and TMD Aren’t Related to Jaw Pain in Orthodontics Cases
TMJ and TMD pain (temporomandibular joint disorders) isn’t always easy to pinpoint in orthodontics cases, making it hard to come up with a treatment plan. And while braces may help with recovery from these conditions, they’re not a guaranteed solution.
One of the biggest reasons this is difficult to tackle is that the pain may not actually be related to the jaw, despite where the pain originates. And, while some patients might find that masseter botox treatments may help alleviate some of the discomfort, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the condition will be easy to treat at the source.
Some potential causes include tongue ties, neck problems, and the like. The conclusion isn’t straightforward, so ensure you’ve got professional support when helping your patient know where to turn when building their treatment plan.
Final Thoughts
It’s not easy to start with orthodontics, but one key principle to remember is that things aren’t always as they appear on the surface. Indeed, with TMJ and TMD jaw pain, the cause may not always be obvious.
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