Which Comes First on Phase 1 Airway Cases? Ortho, ENT, or OMT?
I. Introduction
● The perplexing dilemma in orthodontics and airway cases
● The need for collaboration among ENTs, OMTs, orthodontists, primary care dentists, and physicians
II. Comprehensive Assessment
● Importance of a comprehensive assessment
● Steps in the assessment process
Sleep Screening
Cephalometric X-ray
CBCT scan for airway evaluation (e.g., Beam Raiders)
● Uncovering issues such as adenoids, lingual tonsils, and facial growth patterns
III. The Role of the ENT
● Determining when the ENT should lead
● Addressing concerns when parents resist orthodontic intervention
● The potential consequences of expanding a child’s mouth with existing nocturnal breathing issues
● Using CBCT scans to support the case for ENT intervention
● Involving the primary care physician or pediatrician if needed
IV. Timing of Orthodontic Treatment
● Optimizing the airway before orthodontic expansion
● Considerations based on patient age and skeletal maturity
● Addressing functional problems with OMT
● The variability of the order of intervention in different cases
V. The Role of Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)
● Correcting habits related to breathing, swallowing, and speech
● Importance of a qualified oral myofunctional therapist
● A collaborative approach involving orthodontists, ENTs, and OMTs
VI. Ensuring Proper Sequence for Treatment
● Preventing compromised treatment outcomes
● The significance of collaboration and communication
● Risks of not following the correct sequence
VII. The Value of Interdisciplinary Care
● Additional fees vs. life-changing results for patients and families
● Satisfaction in achieving positive outcomes
● Impact of interdisciplinary care on patients’ lives
VIII. Conclusion
● The nuanced decision of intervention order in airway cases
● Emphasizing collaboration, communication, and sequence for optimal outcomes
● Making a difference in patients’ lives through precision and teamwork in healthcare.
IX. Alternative Options and Resources
A. Continuing Education
● Introduction to the C course covering expansion, evaluation, and on-demand credits.
● Cost-effective learning opportunities through collaboration.
B. Free Resources
● Dr. Amanda offers free resources, such as the phase one CEC course.
● Availability of courses for less than $500 at Straight Smile Solutions.