Have you ever wondered about when you need anchorage with class 3 extraction cases? Here at Straight Smile LLC, we understand better than most just how critical it is for dental consultants to have the optimal treatment plan in place before starting with class 3 extractions. As such, we’ve summarized some of the key things you need to know about anchorage in these scenarios as follows to help.
Class 3 Extraction Patterns and Anchorage
If you have got a class 3 extraction case, you’ll need to consider carefully when you need anchorage. This will usually be for adults who have refused surgery and for whom extraction can be done successfully; keep in mind that a severe class 3 case won’t be suitable for extraction. Don’t take on an extraction case if it’s going to complicate matters for the patient.
A lingual arch is generally a good option for many lower 4 cases. Upper 5 lower 4 cases will also benefit from lingual arch anchorage often.
Of course, every case is unique. So, if you need further support, contact our experts here at Straight Smile LLC for help with developing the most effective treatment plan.
Don’t Rush Into Extractions!
By now, we’ve clarified that you might need a lingual arch. However, it’s important to remember that you should never rush into an extraction case. Instead, make sure you’ve done a CEPH before getting started to make sure that an extraction is the right approach.
Final Thoughts
Planning a class 3 extraction comes with several possible caveats. As such, if you have been looking to make a treatment plan for class 3 extractions, make sure you have considered today’s key pointer to help with anchorage.