We often tend to assume that tools like Invisalign are the premium solution for many different ortho needs. While this isn’t wholly untrue, it’s worth remembering that some cases are out of the norm – and this is where you’ll need to consider extra carefully whether Invisalign or clear aligners is the right option for the specific case (or not).
When Anterior Bite Turbos Don’t Work with Invisalign and Clear Aligner Cases
Anterior bite turbos should not always be used alongside Invisalign and clear aligners. While this may be enough to fix the issue in some cases, using Invisalign or other brands of clear aligners may not cut it in more severe scenarios.
Generally speaking, though anterior bite turbos can be hugely valuable for many cases, there are a few scenarios when they don’t work as well. You’ll want to take a CEPH beforehand, just to be sure; then, look out for issues such as an anterior open bite case. In this scenario, the bite turbos won’t likely have much benefit.
Moreover, it’s worth noting that ER cases need to be fixed before going any further. Periodontally treated anterior teeth, or those that feature very low crown-to-root ratios may also be a higher risk overall. In short: anything that may have damaged the tooth may render it unsuitable for anterior bite turbos.
Don’t Leave it to Chance
Unfortunately, getting a patient’s treatment plan wrong can be a hugely costly mistake for your business. However, if you need any more ideas on this, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Straight Smile Solutions for professional guidance and support on a case-by-case basis.