Have you been looking for support with your own Invisalign cases? It’s not uncommon to find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by the options when it comes to Invisalign consulting, knowing who can assist is often hugely helpful. To this end, considering the key features of the Invisalign assist feature, the DSP might be useful to help in developing an easy orthodontics treatment plan.
What is the Invisalign DSP?
Invisalign rolled out a new subscription program for orthodontics experts last year, the Invisalign DSP, designed to assist orthos in creating the most effective treatment plan for a patient. However, it’s not always clear what the program offers.
Simply put, the Invisalign DSP plan is open for one year, and enrollments are available from the start of each month. Units are purchased in advance, with each being an aligner or retainer. Interestingly, the program is also available for non-Invisalign patients to be listed on the system, meaning any braces patient can be funneled into the system.
Generally speaking, it appears that Invisalign’s DSP assist program is competing with white label workflow. Depending on the amount you use, the cost can be around $23 per unit with high-volume orthodontics. Overall, the delivery and turnaround times are also incredibly quick and convenient.
Perhaps the biggest drawback is that you don’t get advantage points with the Invisalign DSP assist program; however, the versatility and saved money on delivery fees (which are free for DSP users) will often make this a far more affordable platform overall. However, with 1200 units as the minimum, it’s generally best suited to orthodontists providing numerous services rather than just the odd case.
Find Out More and Develop the Optimal Treatment Plan for your Dental Coaching
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