What You Need to Know About Virtual Power Chain and Digital Power Chain

Ever thought about using virtual power chain with Invisalign or digital power chain with ClearCorrect? Both of these tools can be highly useful functionalities, so using these can offer an excellent option to help reduce revisions and refinements in your orthodontics cases.
What are Virtual Power Chain and Digital Power Chain?
Virtual power chain (VPC) and digital power chain (DPC) are highly useful tools for patients who are having lots of IPR or spacing. It’s vital to supervise patients with VPC or DPC closely to ensure good results.
There are numerous benefits of these. Notably, they can save on refinements for spacing patients or if too much IPR was done initially. However, VPC or DPC may cause additional crowding in some cases.
How to Get VPC or DPC
If you need to get VPC or DPC, you’ll likely need to ask for these from your chosen provider. Remember: these are optional kits, so you will need to ensure that you opt in to these when ordering. You can set VPC as a preference, but you likely won’t need them if you do accurate treatment plans in the first place.
And don’t forget: the VPC or DPC will usually be used right at the end of your ClearCorrect or Invisalign course, so remember that they could be unnecessary if the patient’s treatment plan goes well. Use them one at a time and have the patient check in between to work out the most effective approach.