Have you ever thought about using a GELB – otherwise known as a removable posterior bite plate? If this is something you have been considering, don’t worry; these handy tools are easy to integrate into your patient’s treatment plan when needed.
What Does a GELB Do?
At its simplest, a GELB helps to open up posterior bites. This makes removable posterior bite plates effective for scenarios where you need to jump a posterior crossbite or an anterior crossbite. They’re potentially ideal if you don’t want to resort to an acrylic posterior bite ramp or fixed posterior bite turbos.
Don’t Let Compliance Hold Your Patient Back
While a removable posterior bite plate can be highly effective for posterior or anterior crossbite cases, you need to make sure they’re open to wearing the bite plates first. Indeed, while many young children may consider it cool – it can come in any color of their choosing – it’s not uncommon for slightly older patients to be reluctant to wear it.
Naturally, the GELB needs to stay in 24/7 for it to work effectively. If the patient isn’t likely to go through with this, other options are probably better suited to your patient’s unique case. Be sure to discuss this with them before going ahead with the procedure!