Have you ever wondered about how to use the new ClearCorrect Dr’s Portal for 2023? In many cases, knowing where to begin when things change can seem difficult, but don’t worry – we’ve outlined some of the key things you should know to help.

How to Use the New Straumann ClearCorrect Orthodontics Login

In order to begin using the new Straumann ClearCorrect orthodontics login, you’ll need to head to the following URL in order to enter your account:


Once you’ve opened this page, enter your account details as usual. You may notice that your details may have changed following the update.

Then, select your organization (if you have several) and finally, press the enter button to open up your Clear Correct.

Several orthodontics providers have had difficulties with the new platform and logging in, but don’t worry – it’s not too difficult. However, if you have any questions about using the ClearCorrect platform to enhance your orthodontics work, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Straight Smile Solutions for new ideas on where to start and how to optimize your own use of the platform.

It’s really that easy, so don’t be surprised if things look a little different when you log in now following the changes.