Have you been looking to find the best alternatives to Invisalign for custom clear aligners? While it’s not always easy to work out which type of aligner is right for your case, knowing about the different options can be a big help – and we’ve outlined some of the different Invisalign alternatives you should know to help.
The Alternatives to Invisalign for Custom Clear Aligners
Did you know that there are numerous alternatives to Invisalign if you need custom clear aligners? Considering these can be a big help as part of your case. However, it’s worth recognizing that the alternative companies may not always market that they offer Phase 1 treatment plans.
Generally speaking, alternative custom aligners may be best suited to very minor Phase 1 cases. If you’re looking to take out teeth or do a little more in-depth work, you may need to switch to Invisalign plans. This is since alternative custom aligners often have fewer features than the main Invisalign package, so you may have less flexibility. As such, ordering aligners as needed, rather than all at once, may allow you to tweak your approach a little more if something goes wrong.
Get Support for your Case
Every Invisalign or custom aligners case is unique. So, if you need any support with your decision, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions. We’re here to help!