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Four Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Dental Scanner

The scanning market is evolving quicker than Darwin’s tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. I’ve been hesitating to write this piece because I know the content will instantly be usurped by more current information. Simply said, if you’re a dentist, you need a scanner. The price-point is so low now that it’s readily affordable for every […]

If Invisalign® is the “Kleenex”® of the Aligner Systems, Give Me Facial Tissue Instead…. Clear Correct®!

2016 is ringing-out with a bang, especially for StraightSmile Solutions®. The aligner and short-term orthodontics markets are rapidly evolving and we are seeing more clients and prospective patients than ever requesting alternative aligner products. Invisalign® is the fluffy and fabulous “Kleenex®” of the orthodontic industry, but it’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of pushback, […]

Why Every Invisalign® Provider Needs to Become Certified in Six Month Smiles®

You may have seen my post earlier this week: I proudly became one of the few orthodontists to become certified as a Six Month Smiles® provider. Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of General Dentists with various aligner systems. All too often, finishing cases is a significant barrier to overcome and trying to educate General […]

What It’s Really Like to Get Certified by Six Month Smiles in the L1 Course®

I did it–I successfully completed the L1 course from Six Month Smiles. As an Orthodontist with 10+ years of clinical experience with thousands of fixed and removable outcomes under my belt, this may by counter-intuitive. Truthfully, Six Month Smiles certification has been on my orthodontic bucket-list for years now. It’s a wildly successful brand, both […]

7 Reasons Why Every General Dentist Should Get an Intra-Oral Scanner

1. You’ll save time and time is money. Depending on the model you purchase and the skill set of your assistant, an arch can be scanned in as little as one minute. Compare that to how long it takes to mix and take a PVS impression–about 10 minutes? If there are retakes, which happens often, […]