The scanning market is evolving quicker than Darwin’s tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. I’ve been hesitating to write this piece because I know the content will instantly be usurped by more current information. Simply said, if you’re a dentist, you need a scanner. The price-point is so low now that it’s readily affordable for every dentist.

To pick the right scanner, as yourself three primary questions:

1. Is portability important?

Check the unit weight specs on your scanner. They range from just a few ounces to up to 55 pounds. If you have multiple offices or if you’ll be moving it from room to room, portability is key. With some you can just plug and play.

2. Is grip important?

Buying a scanner is like buying a car. They cost about the same and although you may be able to trade-up in the future, there’s likelihood that that scanner will be a major part of you and your team’s lives for a few years. Take it for a test drive. For the ultimate test, head to the local, major, dental trade show. Some scanners let you swap out the grips and the wand weight and shape is equally important.

3. Are you doing ortho only or are you a GP?

If you are going to be doing more than just ortho, you’ll want to consider a system that easily lets you toggle through different platforms for implants or restorative treatment. If you are only doing ortho, an ortho simulation platform is key.

4. Is the system totally open?

Will you have to pay per scan or is the system totally open as an STL file that you can upload or send? As new labs open up with lower price-points, you don’t want to have to pay to play in the future.

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