1. You’ll save time and time is money.

Depending on the model you purchase and the skill set of your assistant, an arch can be scanned in as little as one minute. Compare that to how long it takes to mix and take a PVS impression–about 10 minutes? If there are retakes, which happens often, then double that time.

2. It’s an optimal patient experience.

If you’ve never had a PVS impression, it’s a disgusting experience. It tastes like a hybrid between a tennis ball and sweaty gym feet. It’s not a positive patient experience. Retakes are inevitable and this further frustrates the client. Happy patients refer other patients. Referral means more production.

3. You’ll save money, lots of money.

Yes, the scanner will cost money, but do the math; the production you’ll net is even more. The scanner can be used on all your fixed and removable restorative work, plus your orthodontics. Take a look at your PVS and impression tray lab bills plus your postage to the lab. Many offices find out that their scanner is fully paid-off in just a few months. The rest of the savings is just pure profit. There is also value-add in their saved chair time. A procedure can now be done in five minutes instead of 20; this means that the chair is now scheduled more productively and even more patients can be scheduled.

4. You’ll save time. Saving time saves money.

Cases can be turned around in days instead of months. This is a marketable value-add for patient experience, and quicker turn-around on cases leads to less temporary failures and dreaded OVNC.

5. You’ll save on storage. Eliminating storage saves money.

Storage of impression materials and supplies and old models is also expensive. This can be eliminated since the impression is stored in the cloud, virtually.

6. Your appliances and restorations will fit easier. Fewer remakes save time and money, and increases overall patient experience.

7. One unit is needed instead of multiple units. This saves money.

Now, many scanners are just “plug and go” with a USB cable. They are so small they can fit in your purse or briefcase! This is convenient for anyone on the go or with multiple offices.

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