Did iTero Technology Stop Selling Refurbished 2 Scanners?


Here at Straight Smile Solutions, we have had very good experiences with iTero Align Technology’s Refurbished 2 scanners – however, some people have been saying that these orthodontics solutions are no longer available.

So, what’s the current position with iTero Technology’s Refurbished 2 scanners? Well, after recommending the Refurbished 2 Scanners for a while now, having received our own, we’re curious to hear from other doctors regarding their own experiences with sourcing these products.

Reps Telling Doctors that Refurbished 2 Scanners are No Longer Available

Unfortunately, it seems that reps from iTero Align Technology have been informing doctors that Refurbished 2 scanners are no longer available for purchase. In turn, this means these doctors will have to choose another product, such as the 5.

However, we here at Straight Smile Solutions are unable to confirm whether this is the case, and so we would appreciate any feedback from other doctors regarding whether they were able to get hold of a Refurbished 2 Scanner and what prices were being asked for these products. In addition, we would be interested to know what sort of options and bundles are being created for doctors in terms of what the package contains, how many tips are included, and so on.