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The contents of the aligner take-home kit is critically important for your branding for any Invisalign®, ClearCorrect® or Your Own Brand Aligner® case.

The following are the items I suggest in creating a kit:

1. Retractors. You may want to consider an OptraGate™ or single unit retractor instead of dual. Have your patient take photos in the mirror at regular intervals and use Dental Monitoring® or your own HIPPA-Compliant messaging app to review tracking.

2. A Case. Extra bonus if it has a mirror or your branding on it.

3. A flosser. Make sure it fits in the case. It’s very handy.

4. An “outie”. This sample is from Gestenco™.

5. A designated aligner cleaning brush.

6. Chewies

7. Chapstick

8. A nail file for edges

9. Cleaning tablets

10. Take home instructions

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