Is the Orthodontic Profession Going Extinct?

The orthodontics professional has been a mainstay for many years, but with recent innovations and the roll out of new appliances, devices, and cheap alternatives, it’s easy to start wondering: is the orthodontics professional going extinct? Well, the answer isn’t entirely clear-cut.
Are Ortho Consultants Going Extinct?
Ortho consultants were in massive demand only a few decades ago – but the world of ortho has changed significantly since then. As such, these days, orthodontics specialists are filling a very different role in society.
On the whole, professional orthodontists have become much more specialized in the services they offer, tackling only the very hardest of cases. Meanwhile, general dentists have been making use of new innovations, such as Invisalign, to begin offering these services to clients for an affordable price.
While the price tags of orthodontics services have fallen somewhat in recent years, getting into the field has become much more accessible. And so, while the orthodontics profession is unlikely to be going extinct fully, innovations are no doubt changing the role of traditional orthodontists and allowing general dentists to offer a broader range of services accordingly.
Final Thoughts
If you have been looking to begin working on orthodontics cases as a general dentist, there’s some great news: the opportunities are more numerous than ever! Indeed, while the orthodontics professional specifically might be slowing down, there are still plenty of opportunities for people to diversify into offering this service to patients.
So, if you have been looking to get started with orthodontics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions. We can help you get started with diversifying your business to embrace orthodontics opportunities, too.