Invisalign Pay as you go Refinements in Australia
I. Introduction
Dr. Amanda discusses a new “pay as you go” refinements feature that Invisalign has launched in Australia. She is very excited about this as it provides significant savings for doctors and patients. She also financially incentivizes doctors to plan cases properly and ensure patients track properly to avoid needing refinements. The savings are substantial – the unlimited refinement plan is now AUD 1,400 cheaper. She then discusses the types of cases suitable for the 4-year no-refinement option. She estimates that for the “right case,” one could pay a similar price as an Invisalign Lite case but with the potential for hundreds of aligners. She hopes this program comes to the U.S. and Canada as well.
II. Invisalign Pricing Overview in Australia
A. Historical pricing issues
1. High costs and reasons speculated
B. Introduction of pay-as-you-go refinements
1. Comprehensive feature pricing reduction
a. Five-year unlimited refinements now at $3,738 Australian
2. Four-year no-refinement option for skilled doctors
a. Criteria for the right case
i. Class one without periodontal disease
ii. No Bolton discrepancy
iii. Mild to moderate crowding or spacing
iv. No rotated pre-molars or molars
v. No IPR, sequential distalization, or MA advancement feature
3. List price for pay-as-you-go refinements at $2,418
a. Additional 10% off for the next quarter
4. Flexibility and value comparison
a. Up to four years to complete a case for $385 (including tax)
III. Case Analysis and Considerations
A. Selecting the suitable case for pay-as-you-go refinements
1. Doctor’s skill and treatment planning expertise
2. Criteria for the ideal case
a. Class one alignment
b. Absence of periodontal disease
c. No Bolton discrepancy
d. Mild to moderate crowding or spacing
3. Avoiding IPR and sequential distalization
a. Reduced chances of needing refinements
4. Value proposition for doctors and patients
IV. Speculation on Future Availability
A. Beta testing in Australia
B. Hope for the introduction in the U.S. and Canada
C. Incentivizing proper treatment planning
1. Financial motivation for doing things right
2. Potential impact on the frequency of refinements
V. Conclusion
Dr. Amanda’s enthusiasm for the new pay-as-you-go refinements with Invisalign in Australia is well-founded and contagious. The launch addresses the longstanding issue of high Invisalign prices in Australia, offering a revolutionary approach to comprehensive features. The reduction in cost for the five-year unlimited refinements feature, now at $3,738 Australian, is significant. Dr. Amanda emphasizes the value of this option for skilled doctors handling straightforward cases without complications like periodontal disease or Bolton discrepancies. Introducing a four-year no-refinement option further streamlines the process, encouraging precise treatment planning. The discounted list price of $2,418, with an additional 10% off for the next quarter, adds to the allure. Dr. Amanda’s optimism extends beyond Australia, hoping for a global implementation that could revolutionize Invisalign practices worldwide.