Have you ever wondered whether you should be using Invisalign 3 or Invisalign 5 aligners? As ortho consultants, ensuring you know the key differences between these two aligner types is highly important. As such, as part of your online orthodontic courses, it’s important to consider these two Invisalign aligners and how they differ.
Invisalign 3 vs Invisalign 5
All ortho consultants ought to consider several key differences between Invisalign 3 and Invisalign 5. These include the following points:
– Price: Invisalign 3 lab fees are marginally cheaper than Invisalign 5, costing $1879 and $1985 respectively; however, this does not necessarily mean better value.
– Additional aligners: While Invisalign 3 includes just three additional aligners, Invisalign 5 offers unlimited additional aligners.
– Timeframe: The Invisalign 3 plan only runs over a three-year period, while Invisalign 5 runs over five years in total.
Overall, Invisalign 5 is likely to offer better value for money overall. Unless you are dealing with a very straightforward case, Invisalign 5 is likely to be a better choice overall, as it offers more revisions and greater flexibility. This also allows you to also offer better value on retreatments.

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