How to Treatment Plan Class II, Div II Growing Kids in Stages

Have you ever wondered about how to treatment plan for kids with a Class 2, Div 2 malocclusion in stages? Knowing how to approach these different cases in your orthodontics treatment plans is highly important; luckily, our team here at Straight Smile Solutions can help.
As such, we’ve outlined some key things as follows to help you create an effective orthodontics treatment plan for Class 2, Div 2 growing kids; alternatively, contact us to book your own A La Carte session with our team for support.
How to Treatment Plan for Class 2, Div 2 Growing Kids
With Class 2, Div 2 growing kids, you’ll often see that the incisors are retroclined, which results in a hidden overjet of up to 9mm. However, sometimes with these cases (and this isn’t necessarily predictable), the lower jaw may grow if it still has growth potential, especially if you have simultaneously advanced the lower jaw.
As such, when making a treatment plan, be careful not to create a full treatment plan, as there is the potential that the orthodontic requirements may change.
When tackling Class 2, Div 2 cases with Invisalign with MA, you’ll usually find that they straighten the teeth initially, and the MA component only begins around halfway through the treatment plan. Similarly, if you are doing braces or expanders in Class 2, Div 2 patients, you’ll need to use the same approach.
As such, when starting out with these cases, it’s potentially worth starting with a little expansion (if they are constricted), before using a few top braces and seeing how things progress. The patient’s progression from this point will then influence how you tailor the treatment plan for their needs; you may find that this initial step is enough to trigger jaw growth alone, which is why it is not necessarily suitable to make a full treatment plan before ortho starts.