Removing Composite Adhesive Bracket Cement


Have you ever wondered how you should remove composite adhesive bracket cement from braces? In many cases, there can be several ways to go about this, but making sure you’ve chosen the right approach is crucial. After all, composite adhesive bracket cement isn’t overly nice for the patient, so you’ll want to make sure you’re finishing cases thoroughly and accurately by removing the adhesive.

How to Remove Composite Adhesive Bracket Cement

So, you’ve removed a patient’s braces. This is always a hugely exciting time both for the patient and their orthodontics provider – however, you’ll want to make sure you’ve removed all of the composite adhesive bracket cement before letting them head home after finishing cases.

In order to do so, you will need a specialist instrument to help remove the adhesive. These are different from band removers, which are usually curved; instead, these tools will be sharper and excellent for removing the adhesive that previously held the braces in place. They can often remove around 95% of the total composite material.

It’s worth noting that there are such things as non-disposable tools, too. These feature a removable blade and may offer good value for money, depending on your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Don’t leave your patients with only half-finished cases! Generally speaking, most states allow staff to remove super gingival adhesive bracket cement on your behalf. So, this may not even need to take up much of your time. What’s not to love?