There is no one size fits all approach to this. I often talk to new doctors about how to take that initial step of introducing orthodontics into a GP practice. Each doctor and office will need to consider several aspects in making the decision and each will need to create their unique pathway. These aspects include:

• Patient demographics
• Competition from neighboring practices
• Patient requests. What are patients asking you to offer?

1. There are three key categories for GP Orthodontics and although I think it is wise for doctors to ultimately offer all three, it is often better to concentrate on just one through an initial launch. The categories are:
o Aligners (branded and unbranded)
o IDB Straight wire
o Phase 1 Functional Appliances

A pediatric dentist should start with Phase 1 Appliances. A general dentist with a mostly older patient population should start with aligners. A younger doctor with a mostly teenage demographic might want to start with straight wire.

2. Supplies and Armamentarium

Every doctor should at least have an intra-oral scanner and a panoramic x-ray before they start ortho. Beyond that, there is no real additional cost to starting Aligners or Phase 1, unless you are doing Invisalign. The start-up investment for consumables for straight wire will be around $2000. I have a start-up list of supplies needed. If anyone would like a copy, please contact me. We also have a hands-on course here:

3. Case selection. Please refer to this blog for case selection suggestions.