How to Get a Bonded Retainer for Under $100

Have you been looking for a reliable and afforded choice of bonded retainer? In many cases, finding the optimal bonded retainer can seem a little difficult, but if the patient has requested a bonded retainer or if you’re trying to correct a bite (among a handful of other cases), using a quality bonded retainer is crucial.
Fortunately, we’ve outlined some key things about one of the best orthodontics bonded retainers currently on the market for $100 or less.
How to Get an Orthodontics Bonded Retainer for Under $100
If you’re looking to find a high-quality orthodontics bonded retainer for under $100, there are countless different options you could consider. However, we strongly recommend a custom braided ribbon retainer. Specifically, a flat stainless steel braided wire with a transfer tray jig and troughs.
You can add your own composite to these to help create the best results for your patient. You’ll likely be looking at a cost of around $100. As such, this is well worth considering as part of your decision on which retainers would be best suited to your needs.
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