When it comes to your orthodontics cases, ensuring you’ve chosen the right type of jackscrew size can make a massive impact in terms of your patients’ satisfaction and success rates. However, if you’ve been unsure about choosing the right jackscrew size, don’t worry; our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions are on hand to help you find out more.
The General Approach for Orthodontics Labs
Most often, your orthodontics lab will be the one choosing the size of the jackscrew. In this scenario, it’s not uncommon for ortho labs to opt for the largest possible jackscrew size that will fit into the patient’s palette/arch.
11mm is usually the standard jackscrew size for the majority of orthodontics cases. However, some jackscrews can also come in sizes of 7mm or 13mm, and this is well worth keeping in mind. After all, the jackscrew size is the limit that you can turn, and so choosing the wrong size jackscrew can massively limit the success of a case. But, of course, the larger the jackscrew, the greater the expansion potential will be.
When Sequential Expansion is Needed
Sequential expansion may be the preferred orthodontics treatment in some cases, especially for patients with an incredibly narrow arch. After all, a jackscrew simply might not be enough to help resolve the issue. After all, there’s a limit as to the amount of expansion that’s possible.
Get Professional Support
If you need professional support to help find the optimal strategy for your orthodontics cases, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Straight Smile Solutions today. We’re proud to provide all manner of ortho consulting services, helping providers choose the ideal strategies for their patients’ unique cases.