iTero scanners can be incredibly valuable to your practice for starting Invisalign. However, there are multiple options for you to choose from, and each iTero type has different features and pricing. Unfortunately, iTero is somewhat secretive with their pricing, preferring to offer demos when offering quotes for the cost of their machine.

Not quite ready for a demo? We’ve compiled information from various doctors to bring you all you need to know before purchasing an iTero scanner for your office.
How Much Does iTero Cost?

There seems to be at least a couple different factors that can lead to varying quotes given to doctors for iTero scanners. The first factor is location/region, and the second suspected reason is Invisalign rank, and potential number of Invisalign cases handled by your office.

In most offices, an iTero Element Plus or iTero Element 5D will cost around $37,000 to $41,000. Machines with amenities such as larger screens, portable options, etc. will come with price add-ons that you should also be aware of. Additional support fees should also be expected, which can come out to $21,000 for 5 years.

If you already have a scanner, you can expect a discount through a trade-in program if eligible. Trading in can help to reduce costs some. Tips for the scanner are also an additional cost, which are $5 per tip for the iTero Element 5D, which can add up.

For those looking for a scanner only for restorative and aligner work, the iTero Element 2 is a slightly cheaper option at around $21,000 before the support costs. iTero also has a convenient try it to buy it option, which is a 90-day program to try and consider a lower option before upgrading, or vice versa.