Our team at StraightSmile Solutions, has been supporting dentists for years to launch and scale ortho in their practices and lower their lab fees, but that isn’t all we do.

You may be the best dentist in town with the most ideal restorations, but if nobody knows you’ll be unsuccessful!

Nowadays, just hanging a shingle isn’t enough but most dentists get little to no marketing education in dental school. When I first graduated, marketing was all about direct mail. Now it is all digital and guess what? It can be totally FREE!

Content, content content. Organic content. Don’t buy you content. That is for lazy people and it isn’t effective.

If you’ve watched my YouTube videos and read my blogs, you know a lot about content and how it can be shared amongst multiple platforms but Instagram and YouTube are where you should focus if you are a general dentist.
If your demographics are for the more “senior” population, add more Facebook. If you demographics are teens and kids, add TikTok.

Most of us need to “do the work” to grow our Instagram base. I’ll be honest, it’s initially like watching grass grow. You need to put in 10-15 minutes a day to get it to grow, not unlike a farmer or anyone who can appreciate long term appreciation of their investment.

Here are the steps:

1. Set up your Instagram account. Insta is paired with Facebook so create a business account that pairs with your FB business account.

2. Start creating content and bank it in the cloud as a library. Instagram content is either photos or videos less than 1 minute long. Personally, for the last 2 years since I started focusing on Insta, I aim for 1 piece of content a day.

3. Every day you need to spend 10-15 minutes connecting with your followers and growing your followers. I do this while I watch some trashy TV. It allows me to indulge my guilty pleasure while I grow my business.

4. Scroll through the posts in your feed and make thoughtful comments, not just likes.

5. Search relevant #hashtags in your business and connect with those that follow them. Try to follow at least 20-50 new people a day. Unfollow people who don’t follow you back after a period of time. Binge and purge and repeat. It is a bit tedious but over time you’ll see the ROI. When people like or follow you, thank them with an organic and thoughtful comment. Don’t cut and paste because Insta’s algorithm will catch it and put you in “Insta Jail”. I’ve been there more than I would like and I’ve learned the hard way.

6. Post several times a day. I use Buffer as a posting platform. It costs me maybe $200 a year but I can load up my content and have it post automatically for me. It saves me a lot of time.

7. Research every new follower to make sure they are a quality follower. If not, remove them. For example, if I was a dentist in Oakland California, I would only be looking for followers in the metro Oakland area. If they lived in Texas, I would delete them. This helps to teach the Instagram algorithm to suggest better followers for you and for others to find you as well. Also, if you decide to boost posts “like your followers” you’ll get more quality with the boosts.

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