Help Setting up Invisalign Clinical Preferences and Personalized Plan
If you are looking for help with Invisalign® personalized plan or clinical preferences, this is included in every Concierge and VIP membership but if you are ONLY looking for help setting up your plan/preferences and NOT with any case support, you can schedule this independently. The cost is $900 for up to one 50 minute meeting to help you navigate preferences and a personalized plan.
The benefits of this is simplifying the submission process to fit your treatment objectives for all kinds of malocclusions in BOTH adult and teens: crowding, Class 2, Class 3, Openbite and Deepbite Cases. We recommend that you watch the videos in our Invisalign® playlist FIRST before signing-up.
1. email us to get started- [email protected]
2. We’ll send you a TOS to sign through Docusign and a Stripe link to check out
3. Once that is returned, we’ll send you a link to schedule your session via Zoom at your convenience- please make sure you have the prompt from your Invisalign® TM to access this survey for submission