Do I Need a CEPH with Invisalign CBCT?

Have you ever wondered whether a CEPH is still needed when using Invisalign’s CBCT upload feature? In many cases, this isn’t always clear, but there’s a lot you’ll need to keep in mind – and so, our Straight Smile Solutions orthodontics experts have summarized some of the main things you need to know.
Do I Need a CEPH with Invisalign CBCT?
Even when you’re using Invisalign CBCT for your orthodontics cases, getting a CEPH first is still hugely important. There are numerous reasons for this, but it’s worth noting that traditional full face lateral CEPH and CEPH numbers are often essential to Standard of Care.
Remember, without a CEPH, you’ll be missing a lot of information that’s not contained within the upper and lower jaw, such as soft tissue, the lips, the border of the mandible, and the cranial base. As such, getting a CEPH first, especially for cases that are more complex than just Class I, getting a CEPH before starting on orthodontics work can be an important aspect of delivering quality results for your patients.
What About Other Clear Aligner Companies?
If you’re working with other clear aligner companies that use a CBCT feature, you’ll still want to get a CEPH before getting started in many cases.